June 27, 2009

I dont sleep at all last nite. I want to but could not. I thought of something and it's kinda scared me. I usually have this "imsomnia" problem when :

* I watched scary movie.. cerita hantu..haha
* countdown to result day
* assignments due
* personal problems

But, it's just my second weekend of my new semester. I am not that busy even I'm supposed to be. So I guess minus all the reasons that related to assignments, tests etc. Then, I DO NOT watch any hantu movie what-so-ever last nite. So, what's my problem?? I dont know. This happens like once a month. And it's not PMS ok. haha!

So, to spend my "free" hours last nite, I did some of my business law assignment.. Tapi sket jela pun yg siap ;p Then, I edited my timetable..I kept add/drop subject..finally, here is the finalised schedule

Ok. No more add/drop subjects. That is it for this semester.

One more thing.. why there are still people who used voodoo thing to get what they want? Believe in those kind of superstitious things. Ok, that's gonna be my next update. That's based on my own experiences within the family. But rite now, it's my nap time. hehe

p/s: I only slept for 2 hours this morning. Now, I can feel the effects.haha!

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