Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is What Hilarious Means

On Monday, I took my youngest sister to the cinema to watch a movie. Well, a day before I let her choose what movie she decide to choice. Out of many movies she chosen Hannah Montanna?? Well, as I want her to enjoy so let her be. What harm could it be..haha!! But, next day the movie changed. We finally watched Monsters vs Alien. Yeay!!! ;D Thanx to the long line and we could not make it on time to watch H.M.. hehe

The movie is hilarious. Never watched any animation that could made me laugh through out all the movie. With Hugh Laurie (Dr Cockroach) or play Dr House in House M.D, u got tired out of laughing.. That guy is so funny..haha!! I can say the best movie I watched during this holidays.. Since I never get to watch Angel and Demons *sigh*

And here is my fav character..

BOB.. u're so cute!! hehe

p/s: I still love watching the normal cartoons until today ;)


Anonymous said... suggest ckp xnk tgk...dah tgk ske plak...hahaha:P

Aiza Aidid said...

haha.. bia la kn..
mse 2 ingt cte yg alien vs predator..
trslh plak..

platipus said...

best kan put hahaha
here it comes....what do they call you?
here it comes.... sooooosan HAHAHAHA
kite suke betul part ni hohoho

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. part 2 ek??
owh.. ingt2..
nsb baek bes cte ni..
xrgi dwet.. kahkahkah.. ;D
siap hfl ek amal..huhu