End of It

June 17, 2009

Yup.. It's end. What's end?? Of coz the holidays..haha!

So here am I in Cyber. Got myself a new roommate, a few new housemates. They're nice. Seriously!! hee. We get along quite well. Actually, felt like I'm at my old house. Maybe I'm going to stay here in a while ;)

Studies?? I've got myself to struggle with 6 subjects this semester. Yup.. 6 subjects.. AGAIN!!
But my schedule is not really pack. I've got 2 classes for Monday, Tuesday..Then a class for Thursday and Friday. The only day I'll be busy is Wednesday. What I like about this sem?? Erm.. maybe because all my classes will start at 11 am which would be the earliest. I can have all morning to sleep. Yeah.. talk about laziness.. haha!

But still, I'm not forgetting my target. This sem is my chance to push up a little bit more of my current cgpa. Not that I want to be over-confident, just a reminder for myself ;)

So, Hello 2009/2010 Session. Welcome back, to your busy life dear self!!

p/s : I need to renew my campus car sticker. But it's until 3oth June. So LATER!! haha

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