Friday, June 05, 2009

Admitting U're A Good-Looking Person; Being Perasan or Just Being Confident?

A second post of the day? I must be seriously boring. *grinning*

But this one would not be a light post. More like opinion-oriented post. I just YM-ing with an old friend of mine. Suddenly we end up talking about beauty, handsome, confidence etc. So I've got this idea and I told him I want to post about it. And he agreed.
The comments from you readers would determine which opinions would be more likely acceptable. Here is the thing we've discussed.

Topic : If someone said he/she is pretty/handsome, what does that mean? Whether that particular person is being "perasan" or just being confident?

His opinion
When someone said they are pretty/handsome that means that the persons is not likely to have a desirable physical apperances. If they kept saying to themselves and other people that they are pretty/handsome it would creates some sort of self-confidence for that person. Well, for those people who already have the looks, they usually don't have to say to themselves that they are good looking fellas because there is no reason to be a stuck-up. To him generally, people who kept saying they have the looks which in reality are not are being "perasan".

My opinion
For me, when you're saying that you are pretty/handsome that doesn't always mean about your physical appearances. To admit it to yourself and others you are pretty/handsome mostly would take two things. Confidence and Courage. Not everyone would have that kind of courage to admit to other people that she is pretty. Not everyone could have a high confidence in saying out loud that he's handsome. To admit you are a good-looking person, that requires a self-confidence. By having confident that what makes you're a pretty and handsome person. And why does I say it'll take courage? To ignore what others think about you and believe in yourself, it's not an easy job. So, admitting you're a good-looking person doesn't mean you're "perasan".

So what do you guys think? There would be no correct or wrong answer. After all, it is just our opinions not theory. *wink*


platipus said...

selalunye orang cakap sebab gurau2 je hohoho
hmmm kalau lawa tak semestinye yang lua je
kalau lua lawa tapi ati cam siot pon jadi tak lalu nak tengok gak hahaha
sekian saje dari saye ahahah

Aiza Aidid said...

haha.. thnx amal ;D
btw, i'm not allowed to comment more than this.
Some kind of deal. Damn!! hehe

Anonymous said...

Aiza Aidid: tao xpe...shuuhh...just wait n see...:)

Aiza Aidid said...

anon : i know who u r... ish!! haha

mizzsyaidris said...

cik sya says : erm bg sy..lawa,cantik ni adalah dr segi kepandaian..kepintaran seseorg..ahaks..

kalo muka ..ati busuk..sila la masuk tong perlu ada org2 sebegiini dlm dunia ni..huahuahua

Aiza Aidid said...

haha.. ok2 teah.. :D
yup btol.. conth trdkt suda ade kn.. hehe