Two People From My Fav Listed Individuals

June 10, 2009

These 2 people are important in my life. I've known them for a very long time. They even share the same date of birth even on different years.

Firstly, say hello to my dad.. ;)

my handsome dad ;)

He is 46 officially today. So, happy birthday ayah!!

Well.. about him. When I was a kid, he was quite strict. No doubt about I was quite a naughty kid. Maybe that's the reason. Moving through my teens ages, he became older and the strictness losses little by little but there are some things he particularly restricted me to do. But as a teenager, you tend to be rebellious. I am not holding any exception for that. My mistakes in the past hurt him so much. But still, he forgave me. I rarely say this but today just want u 2 know,
I love u so much. He is really a good adviser. He is also quite a story-teller and obviously a hilarious man. I'm proud to have u as my ayah..hehe!! He is like my friend when u need him for a talk ;)

"Be the best among the best. That way u gain more knowledge and more respect in future. Hold on to your values and principles. You're a good person with qualities". -AYAH

I bare that in my mind, ayah. No worries, I'm more mature now ;)

Yup, the 2nd person would be, Nur Sabrina bt Abd Halim

pic lame b4 she flew to Egypt ;)

She is my best friend since 1995 until now. She's officially 21 even on her YM status stated she's 12??? haha ;)

About her, she's a very good friend of mine. Nope!! The very best friend I ever had. Her character?? She's friendly, cute, a good listener, my shopping partner and of course my gossip partner.. hehe! She's in Egypt taking medicine. I'm proud of being your best friend!! What do u want 4 ur birthday? It's ur 21st and I'm sure gonna get u something.Then u balik M'sia nnt I bg ok, ;) Ok, I hope our friendship lasts forever. Cpt2 dpt bf ok.. Sab msti marah bc yg ni..hehe..
I'm joking. Wish u all the best in everything and hopefully ur wishes do come true.

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