Saturday, June 27, 2009


I dont sleep at all last nite. I want to but could not. I thought of something and it's kinda scared me. I usually have this "imsomnia" problem when :

* I watched scary movie.. cerita hantu..haha
* countdown to result day
* assignments due
* personal problems

But, it's just my second weekend of my new semester. I am not that busy even I'm supposed to be. So I guess minus all the reasons that related to assignments, tests etc. Then, I DO NOT watch any hantu movie what-so-ever last nite. So, what's my problem?? I dont know. This happens like once a month. And it's not PMS ok. haha!

So, to spend my "free" hours last nite, I did some of my business law assignment.. Tapi sket jela pun yg siap ;p Then, I edited my timetable..I kept add/drop subject..finally, here is the finalised schedule

Ok. No more add/drop subjects. That is it for this semester.

One more thing.. why there are still people who used voodoo thing to get what they want? Believe in those kind of superstitious things. Ok, that's gonna be my next update. That's based on my own experiences within the family. But rite now, it's my nap time. hehe

p/s: I only slept for 2 hours this morning. Now, I can feel the effects.haha!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Two tags in A row

The first one from Sab.. sorry lambat..hee!!

1.Adakah anda rasa anda HOT?
i dont know

2.upload gambar kegemaran anda
on your left ;)

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
Ske tgk.. plus sy yg edit..haha!!

4. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
A month ago kot

5. Ape lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
You by Switchfoot

6. Apa yang sedang anda buat selain dari buat tag ni?
Sepatutnye sy wat assignment business law ye..hah!

7. Selain nama anda sendiri, apakah lagi nama yang anda suka orang panggil anda?

8. Tag lagi lima orang
( korang xnk wat pon xpe..hehe)

9. Siapa no 1?
My schoolmate kat MGS klang ;)

10. Siapakah orang nombor 2?
My coursemate kat mmu =))

11. Org nombor 3 ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?
Currently.. not in any commitment.

12. Bagaimana pulak dengan orang nombor 4?
My ex-practicum mate kat KMNS.. now a law student kat UKM

13. Katakan sesuatu berkenaan orang nombor 5.
KOnon2 diva.. hahahaha :) Best ex-roomate ever =))

The 2nd tag.. from Shasha

1. Kekasih saya adalah : Shah Rizal

2. Saya sedang mendengar : A song ;)

3. Mungkin saya patut : wat homework..haha!

4. Saya baru sudah : makan ice cream

5. Beza rakan, sahabat, kawan : beza on their spellings???

6. Saya tidak faham : Different attitudes from different people

7. Saya perlu mencari: New shoes

8. Ayat terakhir yang dikatakan kepada saya : " Ok bby syg" - Mr S

9. Makna kehidupan : Live happily with the people u love most

10. Cinta itu adalah : Beautiful yet imperfect ;)

11. Saya paling suka : Chocolate

12. Saya akan cuba : x membebel mse drive.. nnt bf sy gelak..haha

13. Mengapa rakyat Malaysia suka menggunakan LAH di akhir ayat mereka :

erm.. sebab da biase.

14. Telefon bimbit saya : da lame tp sy mls nk tuka..ngee!

15. Katil saya : skang ni tidak bersepah lagi..haha

16. Soalan yang bagi saya tidak perlu ditanya : xtaw la ;)

17. Teknologi adalah : Menyenangkn

18. Bagaimana saya boleh memasak masakan yang saya paling pandai masak :
Maen try sampai rse mcm mne yg sy nk mknn 2 rase ;)

19. Semalam : Sy x study langsung

20. Hari ini : Penat sbb smpi klang kul 8 mlm

21. Malam ini saya akan : Try wat cket assignment saye ;p

22. Esok pula saya akan : Gi beli brg2 cket

23. Saya betul2 inginkan : Handphone baru

24. Badminton atau futsal? : Badminton

25. Karaoke : X minat

26. Kereta : Honda

27. Bilik yang terang atau gelap : Terang

28. Makanan jepun adalah : Not suit with my taste buds

29. Ayat terakhir yang nak anda katakan pada seseorang :
" Da kenyang. Nk mkn ice cream jela" haha

30. Siapa yang anda tag :
Anyone ;p

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer is the Best Season???

Ever think what is your fav season? Despite we live in Malaysia which is already known that it is NOT a four seasons country, I guess every1 have their fav.
Mine would be.. The pic speak it out for me :) I love summer. Even in Malaysia during this time it means that the temperature would make u sweat like pigs. It somehow gives me the tranquility. U can do outdoors thingy and don't be lazy by sleeping all day. Haha! Or the simple reason is that I don't like heavy rains with lightning and all. I'm scared of lightning.

But speaking of hot weather, there's something that makes me feel "hot" in the inside. Literally, I'm pissed. Not that it's anyone's fault but more like some miscommunication and misunderstanding. Here's the thing. I received an offer letter of my sponsorship for my degree on the week of my final exam last 4 weeks. So, in the letter it stated that I supposed to send all the agreements plus documents 4 weeks after the date of the offer letter. By today, only two days left. So, I asked the admission, they said not sure about it. I went to the sponsorship place, they said must sent all those things through university. And the distance between that place and my campus is not near. I have to skip my advanced english class just to go there. And, by this evening.. at the buletin board posted.. " all the sponsorship agreement must be submitted at admission building latest by 22nd June". Haih!!!

We usually refer that when dealing with people, the government servant have the "attitude". Like not being polite when answering any enquiry from the public. But by today's incident, I experienced this attitude from the private workers. So??? Is this a common thing nowadays. Where are your manners people? ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

End of It

Yup.. It's end. What's end?? Of coz the holidays..haha!

So here am I in Cyber. Got myself a new roommate, a few new housemates. They're nice. Seriously!! hee. We get along quite well. Actually, felt like I'm at my old house. Maybe I'm going to stay here in a while ;)

Studies?? I've got myself to struggle with 6 subjects this semester. Yup.. 6 subjects.. AGAIN!!
But my schedule is not really pack. I've got 2 classes for Monday, Tuesday..Then a class for Thursday and Friday. The only day I'll be busy is Wednesday. What I like about this sem?? Erm.. maybe because all my classes will start at 11 am which would be the earliest. I can have all morning to sleep. Yeah.. talk about laziness.. haha!

But still, I'm not forgetting my target. This sem is my chance to push up a little bit more of my current cgpa. Not that I want to be over-confident, just a reminder for myself ;)

So, Hello 2009/2010 Session. Welcome back, to your busy life dear self!!

p/s : I need to renew my campus car sticker. But it's until 3oth June. So LATER!! haha

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Only Fooling Myself

This post got nothing to do with the title. It's actually the title of my current fav song by Kate Voegele ;D

So, I'm answering your tag Shasha. hee!

What is your name?
Puteri Nadhirah Aiza binti Kamal Faizul

How old are you?
Soon-to-be 21

When is your birthday?
October the Ninth.

Are you looking forward to it?
Sure I do.

The key of freedom.. even I had already more than enough freedom..hehe

Are you happy?
Yup ;)

What makes you happiest?
When I'm around the people I love.

Are you afraid of something?
I'm afraid of the things I cant control.

Do you live alone, or with someone else?
Someone else

My family.

Do you have any pets?
Virtual pets counted?? haha

What is your favorite cartoon?
Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants.

Have you ever hit a deer?

Do you drink?
Nope and never will

Do you prefer beer or liquor?
I prefer air kosong.haha!

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Teh Ais

What kind of cell phone do you have?
Normal phone with mp3, camera etc..

Do you like it?
At this moment yup..

What is the funniest word you ever heard?
Erm.. some words my fren made it up.. but cant remember.

Do you hate it when people call you "dear"?
Depends on the people who call me with that.

To whom have you sent the most text messages?
Shah Rizal

What did you do for new year's eve?
Celebrate my parent's anniversary

Were there lots of pictures?
Enough to create a folder..haha

What is your favorite movie?
A walk to Remember

What is your favorite song?
Currently : Kate Voegele's but I always like The Beauty in Ugly by Jason Mraz.

What concerts did you want to see in 2009?
Not interested

What is your favorite place to chill out?
My home

Do you work out?
too lazy..hehe

Do you wear any jewelry?

What is your favorite memory of the past couple of years?
Get to know my perfect Mr Pupun and be with him ;)

What is your goal for the year?
Erm.. maintain or increase my cgpa more, do some saving, more shopping? haha

What do you think about when you first wake up?
Things I want to do, what I want to eat.. hehe

Do you shower daily?
Of coz!!


Have you ever eaten sushi?
Yup.. vomitted after that..hihi

Did you like it?
Sushi is not my food ;p

List five things you can't live without:
my family, my Shah, handphone, internet connection, my PDA use as my mp4.

What is your best physical feature?
I dont know. My hair maybe.

What is your middle name?
Princess Extraordinary?? haha

Do you get choked up during dramatic movies?

Have you ever liked someone that all of your friends hate?
hmm.. I guess so.

Is there anything that you regret?
Yup. Something in the past.

Do you want children?
Definitely ;)))

How many?
hmm.. five maybe? hehe

What is your favorite number?

What is your favorite sports team?
Man United

What is your most over-used phrase?

What do you not say enough?
I say words equally.

You and your other half?
are perfect for each other even we knows each other flaws ;)

Did you get over your ex, or are you over him/her?
I get over my ex a LONG time ago.

Are you currently with someone?

Do you love him/her?
I love him so much

Who said "I love you" first?
Whoever said it first doesn't really matter because we already knew it ;)

In the phone, msg, cinema?? hihi

What is your most significant relationship?
The current I'm having with him

What is the most romantic thing a significant other can do?
To love unconditionally and accept each other flaws and still find their significant other is perfect for them.

Do you like pet names?

Do you have any?
Yup. Baby, ayg etc.. hee

Do you believe in living together before engagement/​marriage?​
No way.

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Have you ever broken someone's heart?
Maybe.. long time ago.

Does this person know you better than anyone else?
I think so.

Would you marry this person?
If this person is my Shah then yes.

Are you happy with your sex life?
Wth?? haha

Who is "Your" band?
I dont really listen to band this day.

What is "Your" song?
The song that inspires me.. that can make me feel good.

Do you think you'll be together for a long time?
Yes and always.

Do you do a lot of surveys?
When I really dont have a single thing to do.

Did you like this one?
Too many Q's.. penat..haha

I tag Amal, Sab, Cik Sya.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Nightmares after nightmares especially in this week. I kept thinking how bad my result could be. I have the habit to imagine to the extent it would be in the worst scenario. Well, in dreams I got unstable results. It kept changing.. some night it would be I've got good result and some would be the other way round.

Finally, today is the result day for MMU students!! From morning I took my own sweet time to be relax. Not really has the eagerness to check my result. Then by 1500 i decided to check. The courage came when I thought somehow I would have to know it whether it's bad or not. I log in a few times but the server is down. Org da ready die plak wat hal. After a few trials, I've logged in, then clicked..clicked..clicked.. there's my result. I passed all 6 subjects with my pointer still maintain. There's a slight drop but I'm gonna cover that next semester. Im still above 3.5 and that's a relief. Alhamdullilah ;)

I have this feeling I'm gonna fail 2 papers but that's not happening. And that's a rellief too.. hehe
But, I've got this particular dream where in it I've got the result like the one I'm actual getting. If I just believe the dream my anxiety would have not been so crucial. But, as everyone said.. a dream is just a dream. What a relief it do come true.

p/s : My mum confused herself gpa and cgpa. I nearly got scolded.. haha!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two People From My Fav Listed Individuals

These 2 people are important in my life. I've known them for a very long time. They even share the same date of birth even on different years.

Firstly, say hello to my dad.. ;)

my handsome dad ;)

He is 46 officially today. So, happy birthday ayah!!

Well.. about him. When I was a kid, he was quite strict. No doubt about I was quite a naughty kid. Maybe that's the reason. Moving through my teens ages, he became older and the strictness losses little by little but there are some things he particularly restricted me to do. But as a teenager, you tend to be rebellious. I am not holding any exception for that. My mistakes in the past hurt him so much. But still, he forgave me. I rarely say this but today just want u 2 know,
I love u so much. He is really a good adviser. He is also quite a story-teller and obviously a hilarious man. I'm proud to have u as my ayah..hehe!! He is like my friend when u need him for a talk ;)

"Be the best among the best. That way u gain more knowledge and more respect in future. Hold on to your values and principles. You're a good person with qualities". -AYAH

I bare that in my mind, ayah. No worries, I'm more mature now ;)

Yup, the 2nd person would be, Nur Sabrina bt Abd Halim

pic lame b4 she flew to Egypt ;)

She is my best friend since 1995 until now. She's officially 21 even on her YM status stated she's 12??? haha ;)

About her, she's a very good friend of mine. Nope!! The very best friend I ever had. Her character?? She's friendly, cute, a good listener, my shopping partner and of course my gossip partner.. hehe! She's in Egypt taking medicine. I'm proud of being your best friend!! What do u want 4 ur birthday? It's ur 21st and I'm sure gonna get u something.Then u balik M'sia nnt I bg ok, ;) Ok, I hope our friendship lasts forever. Cpt2 dpt bf ok.. Sab msti marah bc yg ni..hehe..
I'm joking. Wish u all the best in everything and hopefully ur wishes do come true.

This is What Hilarious Means

On Monday, I took my youngest sister to the cinema to watch a movie. Well, a day before I let her choose what movie she decide to choice. Out of many movies she chosen Hannah Montanna?? Well, as I want her to enjoy so let her be. What harm could it be..haha!! But, next day the movie changed. We finally watched Monsters vs Alien. Yeay!!! ;D Thanx to the long line and we could not make it on time to watch H.M.. hehe

The movie is hilarious. Never watched any animation that could made me laugh through out all the movie. With Hugh Laurie (Dr Cockroach) or play Dr House in House M.D, u got tired out of laughing.. That guy is so funny..haha!! I can say the best movie I watched during this holidays.. Since I never get to watch Angel and Demons *sigh*

And here is my fav character..

BOB.. u're so cute!! hehe

p/s: I still love watching the normal cartoons until today ;)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Something That We Are Not Supposed to Believe

You were born on 9th day of October 1988, Sunday.

Your Life : You often have problem in promoting yourself, just because you don't know how to express your true self. On the other hand, you don't really care what they think. This is why people misunderstand you until they really get a chance to learn about your pleasant personality. Opposite sex find you mysterious and worth searching. Your wit is remarkable but sometimes you are too fast to follow.

Your Love : You won't reveal your feeling even after dreaming about the same guy over and over. Your first love lasts forever. You are responsible to the feeling of your lover. The chance to betray your lover is none. You have luck with children.

haha! Did anyone believe in this thing? I don't. I played the quiz in Facebook just for fun. It's always fun laughing at those description when actually it's simply did not bring any serious meaning. But, that's up to an individual to analyse this thing. Some use it as a motivator. How they do that? I dont know. Every one has their own preferences. Mine would be to choose not to believe this kind of thing. It's just for a simple reason. Neither I nor anyone else knows what the future holds for me. So why should I believe it right? But seriouly it's fun when you dont have anything else to do but laugh out loud till your lung feel to burst. I usually played this quiz with my sister. And we would check for every birthdays in our family about their personality, love life etc. And the descriptions would mostly made us laugh. How evil we are.. hehe. But, blame the holidays. It is the one to bored us until we find this quiz thingy fun. ;p

Friday, June 05, 2009

Admitting U're A Good-Looking Person; Being Perasan or Just Being Confident?

A second post of the day? I must be seriously boring. *grinning*

But this one would not be a light post. More like opinion-oriented post. I just YM-ing with an old friend of mine. Suddenly we end up talking about beauty, handsome, confidence etc. So I've got this idea and I told him I want to post about it. And he agreed.
The comments from you readers would determine which opinions would be more likely acceptable. Here is the thing we've discussed.

Topic : If someone said he/she is pretty/handsome, what does that mean? Whether that particular person is being "perasan" or just being confident?

His opinion
When someone said they are pretty/handsome that means that the persons is not likely to have a desirable physical apperances. If they kept saying to themselves and other people that they are pretty/handsome it would creates some sort of self-confidence for that person. Well, for those people who already have the looks, they usually don't have to say to themselves that they are good looking fellas because there is no reason to be a stuck-up. To him generally, people who kept saying they have the looks which in reality are not are being "perasan".

My opinion
For me, when you're saying that you are pretty/handsome that doesn't always mean about your physical appearances. To admit it to yourself and others you are pretty/handsome mostly would take two things. Confidence and Courage. Not everyone would have that kind of courage to admit to other people that she is pretty. Not everyone could have a high confidence in saying out loud that he's handsome. To admit you are a good-looking person, that requires a self-confidence. By having confident that what makes you're a pretty and handsome person. And why does I say it'll take courage? To ignore what others think about you and believe in yourself, it's not an easy job. So, admitting you're a good-looking person doesn't mean you're "perasan".

So what do you guys think? There would be no correct or wrong answer. After all, it is just our opinions not theory. *wink*

Nice, Good, Exciting

It's only a week since my semester break started. But I already full of boredom. The same routine each day. Remember I want to watch Angels and Demons? I went to the cinemas twice in a week but I don't get to watch it. The first time I went I ended up watching Wolverine. The reason, my dad take a longer time than he usually did to finish his lunch. By the time we arrived there, the show had started about 40 mins. *Sigh*

The second time, the reason I ended up not watching the movie is just because the line is too long. I am not in the mood to queue up for a long time just passed it. *Cringed my teeth at that time* Haha! Instead, I grabbed a lunch and started to spend money given by my mum on clothes. ;)
I bought a few clothes n will be back to the mall next week to buy more. Cm byk sgt je dwet aku ni..hehe

About the movie, even I already read the book in the last 3 years, I still want to watch it. Currently, I'm downloading the movie and of course the net connection is as slow as ever. But I'll wait patiently.

Nice weather
Good music
Exciting stories

That would be a nice sums up for my semester break *grinning*

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Story of a Girl

Once upon a time, there is this girl. I thought she could be my friend. A good friend. But totally my first judgment on her is wrong. Totally strayed away from the right track.

I thought everyone is like me. Go to campus with only one aim. To be more knowledgeable n to become a better person. How naive I can be at that time. Not everyone is like me. In fact I hardly had the chance to befriend with people just like me. Some may find me cold. Other call me quiet. But the good thing is I don't pretend. The person you look outside, it's how I am on the inside. But there is this one particular girl, called me backstabber.

Here, is the reply 4 your post.

To that girl, you like it or not, you may be a whole new person at your new place. But for me or specifically us, the people who already knew your true nature, would not fall on your pretending nature. You mad at us for telling your mum u don't go to class? Well your mum is the one to called us and asked. Fyi, at that time we have other important things to do rather than involve with your "laziness" life. You mad at us because I tell ur mum that u brought your BF into OUR room? Well, you're not the only one who have the mad feeling. I may lived in a city, but that doesn't mean I accepted all this "open-minded" thing.

The things you've done, seriously troubled us as your roommates. Luckily you went out of the campus and we no longer need to see your face. You dont know how happy we are on that day.

But, now you're using your blog to attack us again?? That is so immature. I never want to bother your life, so why do u mess with mine? I'm giving u a warning here. All this while, I may seem to be the quiet one and the nice one. But do not cross my limit, I can be not so nice anymore. Bare in your mind this quote


p/s : Sorry to my readers. This post is full of anger.

There is part 2 of the story. Click!! ( my other good friend's blog a.k.a my other ex roommate)