The Symptom

May 08, 2009

I am not updating my blog as regularly as I always do. End of semester symptom.haha!!

Lesser assignments
More notes to be read
More chapters to be understand
More questions to be practice
Unpredicted sleep time
Lack of on9 time n TV
A confirm look like a mess!!

That's what gonna happen to me during the study week. I'll try to struggle really hard during this week. I don't really go for staying up late/ don't have sleep at all when I have paper on the next day. I'm not going to take any risk of being totally blank. I rather "suffer"..hehe during study week. After all, 2 weeks holidays is enough for me to topup my sleeping time. ;)

So, u'll be seeing this post for a few weeks. I am not in the mood to blog in tension. Besides, I dont want to write craps. And one last thing, I have great idea once everything in relaxation mode. So, currently, I'm 50-50.

Cyber is so hot. I even sweating during my sleep. There is no way I have the mood to study there during this study week. So, now I'm at home. Even some people said you're not going to make it when you're at home during this "critical" week. But I guess it's all depends on your determination and discipline rite?? But, I can't deal with so freaking hot weather. It just might kill my determination. So, here am I at my home.

Yeah.. I have this new habit. Looking at the sky and seeing things similar to the cloud's shape. I even told my bf one day about the cloud looked like fried chicken and he said sebab i makan ayam banyak sangat. ;p

Just now I saw cloud looking like a cotton candy. Maybe it's been a long time since I see the nature. ;)

It's something like this. Maybe I have high imagination.
Yup.. that's should be the reason.

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