Relaxation mode

May 31, 2009

Finally.. I'm at home. Actually I already here on Friday. But don't have the time to update or post anything in a week or probably more. Busy with finals and all that. Now I have all the time for my "relaxation mode". In another words, my extra sleeping time. Haha!!

I'm on holidays only for 2 weeks. Not much I can do. But I going to enjoy it. No doubt about that. ;)
I've got a few plans for this semester break. But the first thing for tomorrow is to watch movie with my sister. Angels and Demons.. yes!!!

Notice my blog's new look? I'm still searching for other templates. But right now, this is the cutest one. For me of course..hehe. It is cute right people?? ;)

I'm tired already. Off to bed. Nite>>> will update more soon!!

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