Play. Pause. Forward.

May 05, 2009

It's been really a busy week for me. Two assignments in a row. Luckily I finished it all in time. Because of this one assignment, I came late for my last class.. about almost 45 mins after it started.
Just finished my taxation assignment on review of 2009 Stimulus Package. I'm not gonna talk about it here. Otak da penat analyze bende tu ;) You want to know details on that just CLICK!!

The look of my table during my free/ lazy time.
That taxation book does not even open.

The time when I am really busy.. towards the study + exam week
Mase snap x nampak bersepah sgt..haha

What about the title?? To make it look more interesting for people to read it.

Play is how's the life keep going. Time never stop to wait for us. People who wasting the precious gifts will eventually left behind. As for myself, how the time run so fast and now it is heading towards of my 4th semester. As they always say, "So much to do, so little time". That's how my current situation right now.

Pause. I want to freeze time. You know like the character Piper in Charmed.Hehe. Then I can redo any mistakes Ive done without wasting time. It's ridiculous of course!! ;p When I pause I can think first before making any decision without making mistake about it.

Forward. Well, I can skip any part of my current life which make my life not that easy. Just keep on forwarding until my happy ending.

Wonder why I don't put rewind?? I don't want to look back at my life history. I just keep the good memories in my brain (or should I write heart?? haha). They are really great. So no need for the rewind service in my life.Haha!

Life is not a remote control. I don't want to wish anything because I have this thing that I sometimes think twice before wishing for anything. "Be careful for what u wish for". It's kind of jinx when u sometimes got the things u wish for. BUT in return u lose something really great. So, I just go with the flow. That's what I'm gonna do.

I'll wait patiently for Mr Saturday to come.
Let it happen. Please ;)

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