Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little bit more

In my final exam week rite now. So, don't quite have the mood to blog until now. Seriously this sem for me it's tough to maintain my pointer. Currently it's still above 3.5. For sure my CGPA going to drop. I just hope it'll not drop too much. please please please.

My parents especially my mum had done so much for me. So, i want to give both my mum and dad something good in return. They're not asking for it. It's just something I want to do, show my appreciation towards them. First paper.. I don't know what to say. Attempted all questions with uncertainties. Hopefully I'll pass it. Second paper, I did well. I guess. I felt the difference in the way I answered the first paper with the second one. Alhamdullilah.

4 more papers to go. And the gap between those papers are not wide. I'm on for the next paper this Saturday. Still covering everything I could. So much to study so little time. Wish me luck k!!

To my sister, congrats 4 your 4.0 matrix's result. Proud of u lil sis!! =))


sabrina halim said...

gud luck put. know u can do it! don wry. i doakn utk u k kt bumi barakah ni

Aiza Aidid said...

hehe.. thnx sab!! =))
tp serious susa nk maintain pointer kot.. try jela..
i doakn kn u gk k..