I Should Be Doing Something Else Instead Of??

May 01, 2009

It's 415 am. Everyone is sleeping right now. But I don't sleep much lately. All because of lots of assignments. And kind of hungry right now. So that reason too made me difficult to dozz-off. I'll sleep around 7 am. MAYBE.

Yeah. I changed the look of my blog. AGAIN. I thought this one is cuter than the previous one. I took around 30mins to finish up the basic things. Then plus the add-on so about an hour I finished "decorating" my blog. Not too girly but not too boyish either. I like jeans. That's why.. haha!

Before this, the old template makes the pictures I posted kind of blurry. I guess maybe the layout's opacity itself makes the pics blurred. Plus, the colour of my fonts like faded. I dont know. Maybe it's just the optical illusion. Or.. It's just one of my excuse to get a new look. For my blog of course ;)

Well, I like this new one. Looks like me. Wearing jeans all the time. I fallen asleep in my jeans sometimes too. No wonder I choose this template.

What I should be doing?? My assignments instead of updating my beloved blog..hehe.
Ok people!! Time had been wasted. Need to continue doing my assignments.

p/s : What do u guys think about this new look?? =))

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