Friday, May 01, 2009

I Should Be Doing Something Else Instead Of??

It's 415 am. Everyone is sleeping right now. But I don't sleep much lately. All because of lots of assignments. And kind of hungry right now. So that reason too made me difficult to dozz-off. I'll sleep around 7 am. MAYBE.

Yeah. I changed the look of my blog. AGAIN. I thought this one is cuter than the previous one. I took around 30mins to finish up the basic things. Then plus the add-on so about an hour I finished "decorating" my blog. Not too girly but not too boyish either. I like jeans. That's why.. haha!

Before this, the old template makes the pictures I posted kind of blurry. I guess maybe the layout's opacity itself makes the pics blurred. Plus, the colour of my fonts like faded. I dont know. Maybe it's just the optical illusion. Or.. It's just one of my excuse to get a new look. For my blog of course ;)

Well, I like this new one. Looks like me. Wearing jeans all the time. I fallen asleep in my jeans sometimes too. No wonder I choose this template.

What I should be doing?? My assignments instead of updating my beloved blog..hehe.
Ok people!! Time had been wasted. Need to continue doing my assignments.

p/s : What do u guys think about this new look?? =))


Hariq-Sha said...

babe! ske jeans also!! :D

chantekkkk~ :)

platipus said...

lawa ;)

sabrina halim said...

loving it! hehehe

Aiza Aidid said...

ain : yup!! ske jeans gk ain..hehe

amal: oit!! x tdo lg ek.. hehe.. thnx..

sab : loving it 2.. hehe ;)

hanida lavida said...

buatkan kite punya :D

Aiza Aidid said...

ida : tunggu kte blk cyber ek ;p
nnt kte buatkn..

euys akimy said...

suke2..mane nk dpt? ssh tak nk bt?

Aiza Aidid said...

syu : ske ek.. hehe. sng je la.. just kne edit cket2 je ;) try search kat google 4 the layout. then gi kat edit html. copy code 2 kat edit template then save ;) try k!! hihi

mizzsyaidris said...

lawa pulop ko nye blog kan..jeles i..wei bilo nk blanjo duit mara ni..hahaahha

Aiza Aidid said...

ahaha.. jgn la jeles plak ko ni kn..
hehe.. tp cntk kn..haha

mne dpt lg.. ko ni..
nex sem r ak blnje kn..hehe

Farra Muneera said...

buatkan juga!

he he he ;D