The 2nd year.

May 22, 2009

3 years ago..

I went there.
You went there 2.
We hardly know each other.
We hardly speak 2 each other.
Even we're in the same class.

2 years ago..

We finished our study there
Still I can recall just a few words I ever talked with u.
Then everything changed,
U texted me, I replied,
Get to know each other,
We're an item later on ;)
Even we're so far away..
We managed to went through it.
You're so great.. I fall even more 4 u.

1 year ago..

Each day u are the one to
make me laugh hysterically at your jokes
make me smile reading your sms
make me through my days
And u are the one I complained to
when I'm having tons of unfinished assignments
when I had a bad day
when i feel like crying
You are the one that comforts me when everything seems so wrong.


We're still together
And I hope we'll always be.
You're the best guy I've fallen for
N u always will be.

To u honey, happy 2nd anniversary. Thanks for everything. I always love u.

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