Sunday, May 31, 2009

Relaxation mode

Finally.. I'm at home. Actually I already here on Friday. But don't have the time to update or post anything in a week or probably more. Busy with finals and all that. Now I have all the time for my "relaxation mode". In another words, my extra sleeping time. Haha!!

I'm on holidays only for 2 weeks. Not much I can do. But I going to enjoy it. No doubt about that. ;)
I've got a few plans for this semester break. But the first thing for tomorrow is to watch movie with my sister. Angels and Demons.. yes!!!

Notice my blog's new look? I'm still searching for other templates. But right now, this is the cutest one. For me of course..hehe. It is cute right people?? ;)

I'm tired already. Off to bed. Nite>>> will update more soon!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The 2nd year.

3 years ago..

I went there.
You went there 2.
We hardly know each other.
We hardly speak 2 each other.
Even we're in the same class.

2 years ago..

We finished our study there
Still I can recall just a few words I ever talked with u.
Then everything changed,
U texted me, I replied,
Get to know each other,
We're an item later on ;)
Even we're so far away..
We managed to went through it.
You're so great.. I fall even more 4 u.

1 year ago..

Each day u are the one to
make me laugh hysterically at your jokes
make me smile reading your sms
make me through my days
And u are the one I complained to
when I'm having tons of unfinished assignments
when I had a bad day
when i feel like crying
You are the one that comforts me when everything seems so wrong.


We're still together
And I hope we'll always be.
You're the best guy I've fallen for
N u always will be.

To u honey, happy 2nd anniversary. Thanks for everything. I always love u.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little bit more

In my final exam week rite now. So, don't quite have the mood to blog until now. Seriously this sem for me it's tough to maintain my pointer. Currently it's still above 3.5. For sure my CGPA going to drop. I just hope it'll not drop too much. please please please.

My parents especially my mum had done so much for me. So, i want to give both my mum and dad something good in return. They're not asking for it. It's just something I want to do, show my appreciation towards them. First paper.. I don't know what to say. Attempted all questions with uncertainties. Hopefully I'll pass it. Second paper, I did well. I guess. I felt the difference in the way I answered the first paper with the second one. Alhamdullilah.

4 more papers to go. And the gap between those papers are not wide. I'm on for the next paper this Saturday. Still covering everything I could. So much to study so little time. Wish me luck k!!

To my sister, congrats 4 your 4.0 matrix's result. Proud of u lil sis!! =))

Sunday, May 10, 2009

One of The Days

Well, the previous post is not really the last post until my exam is over. Due to the above reason I made the exception. It is on of the days. This one will be my last posting until my exam's over.
To my mama,

U took care of me from this little..

until at this point..

I am not good in saying i love u
to u,
But just for u 2 know
without u i am nobody,
mama is the best mum,
willingly to live with my stubbornness,
i'm not going to fail your hopes in me
this time,
thank u 4 everything u have done
by this I sincerely wish


p/s : Entry about ayah will have to wait for father's day.hehe!

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Symptom

I am not updating my blog as regularly as I always do. End of semester symptom.haha!!

Lesser assignments
More notes to be read
More chapters to be understand
More questions to be practice
Unpredicted sleep time
Lack of on9 time n TV
A confirm look like a mess!!

That's what gonna happen to me during the study week. I'll try to struggle really hard during this week. I don't really go for staying up late/ don't have sleep at all when I have paper on the next day. I'm not going to take any risk of being totally blank. I rather "suffer"..hehe during study week. After all, 2 weeks holidays is enough for me to topup my sleeping time. ;)

So, u'll be seeing this post for a few weeks. I am not in the mood to blog in tension. Besides, I dont want to write craps. And one last thing, I have great idea once everything in relaxation mode. So, currently, I'm 50-50.

Cyber is so hot. I even sweating during my sleep. There is no way I have the mood to study there during this study week. So, now I'm at home. Even some people said you're not going to make it when you're at home during this "critical" week. But I guess it's all depends on your determination and discipline rite?? But, I can't deal with so freaking hot weather. It just might kill my determination. So, here am I at my home.

Yeah.. I have this new habit. Looking at the sky and seeing things similar to the cloud's shape. I even told my bf one day about the cloud looked like fried chicken and he said sebab i makan ayam banyak sangat. ;p

Just now I saw cloud looking like a cotton candy. Maybe it's been a long time since I see the nature. ;)

It's something like this. Maybe I have high imagination.
Yup.. that's should be the reason.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Play. Pause. Forward.

It's been really a busy week for me. Two assignments in a row. Luckily I finished it all in time. Because of this one assignment, I came late for my last class.. about almost 45 mins after it started.
Just finished my taxation assignment on review of 2009 Stimulus Package. I'm not gonna talk about it here. Otak da penat analyze bende tu ;) You want to know details on that just CLICK!!

The look of my table during my free/ lazy time.
That taxation book does not even open.

The time when I am really busy.. towards the study + exam week
Mase snap x nampak bersepah sgt..haha

What about the title?? To make it look more interesting for people to read it.

Play is how's the life keep going. Time never stop to wait for us. People who wasting the precious gifts will eventually left behind. As for myself, how the time run so fast and now it is heading towards of my 4th semester. As they always say, "So much to do, so little time". That's how my current situation right now.

Pause. I want to freeze time. You know like the character Piper in Charmed.Hehe. Then I can redo any mistakes Ive done without wasting time. It's ridiculous of course!! ;p When I pause I can think first before making any decision without making mistake about it.

Forward. Well, I can skip any part of my current life which make my life not that easy. Just keep on forwarding until my happy ending.

Wonder why I don't put rewind?? I don't want to look back at my life history. I just keep the good memories in my brain (or should I write heart?? haha). They are really great. So no need for the rewind service in my life.Haha!

Life is not a remote control. I don't want to wish anything because I have this thing that I sometimes think twice before wishing for anything. "Be careful for what u wish for". It's kind of jinx when u sometimes got the things u wish for. BUT in return u lose something really great. So, I just go with the flow. That's what I'm gonna do.

I'll wait patiently for Mr Saturday to come.
Let it happen. Please ;)

Friday, May 01, 2009

I Should Be Doing Something Else Instead Of??

It's 415 am. Everyone is sleeping right now. But I don't sleep much lately. All because of lots of assignments. And kind of hungry right now. So that reason too made me difficult to dozz-off. I'll sleep around 7 am. MAYBE.

Yeah. I changed the look of my blog. AGAIN. I thought this one is cuter than the previous one. I took around 30mins to finish up the basic things. Then plus the add-on so about an hour I finished "decorating" my blog. Not too girly but not too boyish either. I like jeans. That's why.. haha!

Before this, the old template makes the pictures I posted kind of blurry. I guess maybe the layout's opacity itself makes the pics blurred. Plus, the colour of my fonts like faded. I dont know. Maybe it's just the optical illusion. Or.. It's just one of my excuse to get a new look. For my blog of course ;)

Well, I like this new one. Looks like me. Wearing jeans all the time. I fallen asleep in my jeans sometimes too. No wonder I choose this template.

What I should be doing?? My assignments instead of updating my beloved blog..hehe.
Ok people!! Time had been wasted. Need to continue doing my assignments.

p/s : What do u guys think about this new look?? =))