Target Achieved

April 12, 2009

Remember what I said in my previous post?
That my target is to finish up two assignments by this weekend.
Well, CHECKED. I've did it!! haha.. Like my bf said..
I'm very happy when some of my works are done. ;)

I am happy right now. Plus eager to finish the rest of my work. Well.. I maybe take 3 days break from doing my assignments. I want to focus on my last subject for my mid term. Says hello to 'Taxation 1'. That's means it's a pre-requisite subjects. Basically, I can't fail this paper. The continuation of it will be in Taxation 2 and Advanced Tax. For me, the paper is tough. The toughest of all. I'm not the kind of person who enjoys reading laws and case laws. I'm more like analytical-minded person. Calculation is my best subjects. BUT, no matter what I'm not gifted with mesmorizing skills :(

I remembered during my first year, the only subject which ruined my CGPA is Human Resource Management. That's where I got my first C out of 13 subjects I've took back then. Guess what?? Again it's a reading subject. But I kinda like taxation. It's not purely reading like a parrot. But requires some thinking. Now, that's what I like. I am grateful because not every1 have analytical mind. Well, when you love maths plus calculus, that would help. =))

So, no matter how tough this subject is, I have to learn to deal with it. It's not that bad. Like my lecturer Dr Nakha said.. " Dont complain. Go and read your book". Yes sir, I will. hehe

And yeah.. I dont know about other places, but Cyber rains like everyday. Like today, it stops raining for a while. Then rains again. Is it monsoon season? I forgot my geography already..hehe. Yes, I love rains. Cool this place a lot. Plus make me want to fall asleep a lot faster than usual. ;p

Now, I am hungry. Better go grab something to eat. daa~

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