Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Success is a Lousy Teacher, Failure is the Best Teacher

Well, do u agree with the title? I am 100% agree about it. I'm posting this because I had this "healthy discussion" with an old friend of mine just now. We call that sessions as our motivation sessions.

Why?? She needs to motivate herself. Not only she, but I think I have to motivate myself too. Tell u a bit about this friend. She's actually my senior during my school time at MGS Klang. I called her D. No full name here. She don't want popularity. Kidding D.. ;) I know some people would recognized her even I wrote D only. In UITM S.Alam now doing the course like me, accounting. She asked me how to get a good motivation. So I guess based on your own experience. Then YM with her for almost 2 hours.. she came out with this quote "Success is A Lousy Teacher, Failure is The Best Teacher".

Based on my own experience, when people have been successful, they tend to become arrogant. Acts the way they want because they think they are smart enough. One thing they forgot, from where they got the intelligence from. They forgot it is just a temporary gifts from GOD. Anytime it can be taken away from you. This is a reminder to myself, not to become arrogant. Because I once did it, and I am at the bottom of everything. I lose everything in just a second. I'm not going there again. I've learned my mistakes. That's how lousy a success can make you be. It turned you to be ignorance, stubborn and etc. But, not all become this way. Some people, realized the intelligence is not their rightful property. So, this kind of people usually the humble ones.

The failure.. it is the best teacher. Why?? It make you to suffer first. Learn from it. Become okay again. Get back on track again. Move forward. But it is only good thing to those who can see the benefits of a failure. To those people, they will rise once more and look back to learn from their mistakes. To do this, you've got to have a strong character. In other words, you are not easily influenced by others. But in rising up, not many people able to do it. Simple reason, they just give up.

So, whether success or failure you are facing right now.. the one that would determines whether it is a good or bad thing is actually your attitude. Good attitudes reflects good things happening to you. Insyaallah :)

I've experinced both success, failure then success again. I dont want the failure again. So, please stay away from me. I become both the arrogant and humble person. I prefer the humble me. I bet my family hate the arrogant me that happened long time ago. For me, it's better to be a good person. That way you're doing no harm to others. hehe

Then, D gave me this motivation thing. I guess it help.

p/s : U shud thank me D. for being you motivator..haha ;D


"D" said...

Thanks put... but motivation session xhabis lagi tau.. huhu.

Aiza Aidid said...

haha.. well like i said 1 hour session is equal to 1 movie..hehe ;D

fanramli said...


helo puteri! yeah, i still remember whu u r. tahu tak, pertama kali saya pegang sudip dan 'beramah mesra' dgn kuali ialah di rumah awaklah! masa tu kita stay utk ko ko. kita try buat lunch sendiri, goreng daging burger. hahahaha. masih di situkah rumah kamu, di sebelah yayasan selangor? :).

failure is the best teacher. kadang-kadang, kita perlu merasa luka sebelum merasa lega dan menang , perlu jatuh sebelum mampu berdiri kukuh. tapi jgn sampai kita tersungkur dan tak bangun² lagi.

failure is the best teacher. anyhow, it just cant be an excuse for us to stop trying harder for the success, kan?

well well, gadis.
look at us, discussing about life.

oh my.
we've grown up!


Aiza Aidid said...

wslm fan.

ahaha.. ingt lg ek mse nk try masak 2.. hehehe.. still lg umh kat sane..
x pindah mne2 pn.. huhu

well.. btol la 2 kn fan..
dat's us now..
from kids then become more mature ;)

sabrina halim said...

i was there at her house 2. pas2 kt pnjat gate nk msuk rmh dia kn3? hahaha

Aiza Aidid said...

ahhahaah.. i xde knci gate kot mse 2..

kte 3 org kn lepk umh i.. hhhihi =))
pk blk cm lwk je skng ni.. haha

WeBViDeOKLiP said...

setuju ngan awak