Not Enough

April 07, 2009

Ever been in a situation where you've did all you could but still people complained? Still people feel you've not doing enough? Still people feel ungrateful for the things you've done for them.

Situation 1

X : Can u teach me this chapter?
Y: Sure. Hold on I've got something else to do first.
X: U can do it later. Teach me now.

Well, see how ungrateful the X person is. Supposedly, when people agree to teach, you should be grateful. Not be like this X. Seriously, there are some people like that. To this kind of people, don't you know that other people also have other things to do which sometimes are more important than listening to your ungrateful demand. And there is not even a "thank you".

Situation 2

X : Can you help me?
Y: Sure. What do u need?
X: I want you to *things she/he wants Y to do.

This time, you see the way X asking for help. It looks more like demanding. The bold word makes it looks that way. I've been in this kind of situation where I am willing to help, but when I realized the way you're asking me more like you demanding something from, suddenly I feel reluctant to help. It annoyed me. If you want people to help you, ask nicely. It's that simple.

Situation 3

X: Do you know how to do this?
Y: Let me try first.
X : I thought you know. Never mind

This is a common thing for many people. For me, it is not. Don't do this thing when you're asking for that person's help. Even if that person doesn't know, gives them chances to try. What's the rush? Everyone is learning. Don't expect the helper would immediately gives answer. He/She also still learning. But the most annoying part is when the person doesn't know how to do it, people start making faces. If this kind of person do that in front of me, I would directly sound him/her right in front of their faces. This kind of people deserve that.

Those situations are randomly selected. Some of it experienced by me. All of those, shows that even you're trying to be helpful, but somehow it is just not enough. Why? Because in this world, there are people like this X. I can't be changing peoples' attitudes. It's up to that individual. But in my individual opinion, lots of people are selfish. This is what happening right now right? They just want what they want and the rest doesn't matter.

Is this what supposed to happen?


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