It's Just a Short Letter

April 24, 2009

I have mid term tax on Monday nite. But here am I at my home...
When I just stepped inside my house.. there is my DAD.. Smiling as always and said..

HE: Jom gi lepak minum teh.
ME: Ok!! hehe

See.. there is just a small temptation when I'm at home. Apart from that, there is like millions other reasons sometimes I study but can't finish. hehe.
Do you really study when at home??? For me, maybe 60-40. Well, I'll study and really focus..

  • when it's already study week.
  • when there is no internet connection.
  • when the TV can't be switch on.
  • when my sis didn't influence me to hang out.
  • when there is nothing else to do.
But right now, those above are still available. So, I have to really be "strong" :) Otherwise I'm not gonna make it for tax paper.

Dear myself,

Please stop on9.
Please stop playing the piano.
Please stop watching cartoons.
Please stop bothering your lil sister,
Please stop gossiping with your sister,
Please put away your brother's PSP,
Please dont eat too much,
Please dont sleep all day,
Please just stay in your room and study.
Yours sincerely,


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