It's just my silly complaints

April 01, 2009

This is actually the 8th or 9th week of my semester ( tgk 2, yg 2 pon i'm not sure.. pening sgt byk bnd len nk pk..haha). That means I've got only how many weeks left before my final..let me check first.. around 6 weeks. And, just now I checked my exam schedule is out. So fast right?? Yup.
I'll be having my final exams on 18th of May until 29th of May. At that time, my other friends in other universities have already on their holidays. Damn!! haha ;p

This week only I've got 2 exams plus a quiz. About the exams, I've studied and I've done my best. But for my finals I'm definetely have a lot more to study. I've took only 6 subjects. But how come my time is so limited. I usually don't have time to study all. Where am I supposed to get that time??? Tell me please..haha ;D Seriously, I need to cut down my unnecessary on9 activity for the sites that aren't relevant at this moment ( FB,FS,MS and even my blog). I still have 2 more subjects for my mid term exams. Why are there so many exams???

About my assignments. None of it has been touched by me.. EXCEPT for my corporate finance subject.. and it's actually a weekly assignment. Like it or not I have to finish it on time. But the rest of my assignnment, the due date is likely at the end of the semester =)) yeay!! i still have plenty of time. NOT!! I need to start picking up one of the assignment and start doing it. After this, I will ;) Why must there be assignments?? I know silly questions.

And yup, from this week onwards, if I want to go back to Klang for the weekend, my mom had gave me permission to drive on my own. Usually, I only drive back by myself for the mid break or sem break. Well, isn't it what I want? Yup, before this. But now, I'm too lazy to drive. Tired!!

See, it's just silly complaints. I still have to do what I need to do.

Needs to study
Needs to do complete the assignments
Needs to drive back on my own??? ( i'll think about it) haha

That's how things supposed to be. Don't let this kind of silly complaints messed you up. It's all depends on your attitude and willingness to sacrifice your social time.

p/s: Just a reminder 4 me.

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