April 23, 2009

Some people change for the better
That's good...
Some people change to be worse
That's something shouldn't be happenning..

5 years ago....

Scene 1

X : Nape ko x reti nak pakai tudung kan?
Me : x ready lagi kot. Nape?
X : Pakai la.. ko taw x berdosa la.. bla..bla..bla..

Scene 2
X : Nape ko pakai short sleeve?? Pakai la lengan panjang.
Me : Sigh...

The 'X' had changed.. a lot...

I'm boring. So I browsed all my friends FB and FS pages. Well, most of them nothing new. Just busy studying for their finals. Suddenly this one specific page hit me. Hard. I was shocked to see the changes. Her changes. The person who used to lectured me on tudung and aurat etc, well.. currently had changed her appearance. To be more.. what they call? 'HOT'.

I dont know. Maybe to her is not wrong. And I'm not the right person to judge her anyway. I dont even know if she remembers the way she used to lectured me about not wearing tudung and stuff like that. But to that person, if you're read this, you should realized one thing. It's not wrong to tegur someone but it would be nice if you do it in more nicer manner. Not like the way you used to "advice" me.

You used to advice me on what to wear, clothes not to wear, wear tudung. But at that time I am stubborn. For me, I'll wear it when I'm ready. And for the past 2 years I had been ready and until now I stick with my choice. But what happened to you my friend?? Dont you think it's karma? I dont want to advice you like you did to me. You should know better. It's not even my intention to humiliate you :)

Sometimes people just simply talk. Without thinking. Well as a reminder including to myself, if I want to advice people I'll make sure I have the knowledge. And I have a strong character. Or else I'll end up just like some of these people. They advice others while they themselves doing the same mistakes.

Another thing, some people especially girls changed just to be the center of attention. Some change to be noticed by a bunch of guys. To me it's damn cheap.

p/s : Put higher values in yourself. Eventually you will be noticeable.

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