Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Just a Short Letter

I have mid term tax on Monday nite. But here am I at my home...
When I just stepped inside my house.. there is my DAD.. Smiling as always and said..

HE: Jom gi lepak minum teh.
ME: Ok!! hehe

See.. there is just a small temptation when I'm at home. Apart from that, there is like millions other reasons sometimes I study but can't finish. hehe.
Do you really study when at home??? For me, maybe 60-40. Well, I'll study and really focus..
  • when it's already study week.
  • when there is no internet connection.
  • when the TV can't be switch on.
  • when my sis didn't influence me to hang out.
  • when there is nothing else to do.
But right now, those above are still available. So, I have to really be "strong" :) Otherwise I'm not gonna make it for tax paper.

Dear myself,

Please stop on9.
Please stop playing the piano.
Please stop watching cartoons.
Please stop bothering your lil sister,
Please stop gossiping with your sister,
Please put away your brother's PSP,
Please dont eat too much,
Please dont sleep all day,
Please just stay in your room and study.
Yours sincerely,


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peaceful - tagged time :)

Tag by Cik Sya again ;)
(Upload picture yang anda gemari dan jawab soalan dibawah)

Kenapa anda suke gambar ini?
Sebab sy dgn org2 yg best!!! =)) they're actually my matrix members..hehe

Bila kali terakhir mkn pizza?
Same answer as in the 2nd tag

Lagu terakhir yg anda dengar?
Dah bape ari x dgr lagu.. busy!!

Apa yang anda buat selain selesaikan tag ni?
In just a few minutes, gonna takes my nap ;)

Selain nama sendiri anda suka dipanggil dgn panggilan apa?
same answer as below.

Tag from Shasha

(Upload picture yang anda gemari dan jawab soalan dibawah)

Kenapa anda suke gambar ini?
Sebab.. my bro still pendek lg mse ni..haha. Kidding!! Maybe because I look messy and blur ;)

Bila kali terakhir mkn pizza?
Hmm.. last 2 months maybe.

Lagu terakhir yg anda dengar?
The Climb- Miley Cyrus

Apa yg anda buat selain selesaikan tag ini?

My half done Audit assignment.

Selain nama sendiri anda suka dipanggil dgn panggilan apa?
Adela.. something only he could call me ;)

Tag lagi 5 org *soalan seterusnya ada kaitan dengan org yg anda tag!

Anyone who feels like doing this.


Some people change for the better
That's good...
Some people change to be worse
That's something shouldn't be happenning..

5 years ago....

Scene 1

X : Nape ko x reti nak pakai tudung kan?
Me : x ready lagi kot. Nape?
X : Pakai la.. ko taw x berdosa la.. bla..bla..bla..

Scene 2
X : Nape ko pakai short sleeve?? Pakai la lengan panjang.
Me : Sigh...

The 'X' had changed.. a lot...

I'm boring. So I browsed all my friends FB and FS pages. Well, most of them nothing new. Just busy studying for their finals. Suddenly this one specific page hit me. Hard. I was shocked to see the changes. Her changes. The person who used to lectured me on tudung and aurat etc, well.. currently had changed her appearance. To be more.. what they call? 'HOT'.

I dont know. Maybe to her is not wrong. And I'm not the right person to judge her anyway. I dont even know if she remembers the way she used to lectured me about not wearing tudung and stuff like that. But to that person, if you're read this, you should realized one thing. It's not wrong to tegur someone but it would be nice if you do it in more nicer manner. Not like the way you used to "advice" me.

You used to advice me on what to wear, clothes not to wear, wear tudung. But at that time I am stubborn. For me, I'll wear it when I'm ready. And for the past 2 years I had been ready and until now I stick with my choice. But what happened to you my friend?? Dont you think it's karma? I dont want to advice you like you did to me. You should know better. It's not even my intention to humiliate you :)

Sometimes people just simply talk. Without thinking. Well as a reminder including to myself, if I want to advice people I'll make sure I have the knowledge. And I have a strong character. Or else I'll end up just like some of these people. They advice others while they themselves doing the same mistakes.

Another thing, some people especially girls changed just to be the center of attention. Some change to be noticed by a bunch of guys. To me it's damn cheap.

p/s : Put higher values in yourself. Eventually you will be noticeable.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tagged by Shasha

Extraordinary Me.
Reason : I like to be different from every one else in a good things of course. Become a follower is plain boring.

Reason : Purposely saje nk menyusahkan org lain nk sebut that word. haha!!

Basically, all my writings are based on my own experience. Sometimes, I like to insert some moral values in my posting. Most of all, it's just my ideas on all sort of things =))

Nope. I love blogging!!

the blogger : Shareena Halim, my ex-schoolmate in MGS Klang ;)
her blog : Different. Cool. I enjoy reading it!

Cik Sya

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another chick flick

Last Saturday, I went to Aeon Bkt Tinggi with my sister. She's currently unemployed and loitering at home..haha. Actually she just finished her matrix. I remember the time I finished my matrix. The holidays was too long. I enjoyed myself by sleeping all day for the first few weeks. Haha. But too long holidays would be boring. But too short is not fun either. Yeah.. MMU already make my hols even more shorter. Damn!! hehe..

This is the movie I watched with her,

An okay movie. Nothing extraordinary ;)

So, we decided to watch a movie. What movie we didn't decide until we reached the counter. We always did that. As my sis said.. Let it be surprise. Stupid sometimes to do that. But somehow I listen to her. I dont know why. Note : She's YOUNGER than me.

Some people, rarely spend time with their siblings. I guess I'm lucky I have great sisters and brother. I dont know about others, but turning 21 this year, I still feel that I am a kid.

I still go lepak n minum at kedai mamak with my DAD
I still temankn my MUM to buy her handbags
I still hang out only with my younger SIS
I still play PS with my younger bro
I still watch cartoons with my youngest sis

All the things I do usually involve my family. I am not anak manja if that's what people see from this post. Some people think when you're at this age you're suppose to distance yourself from family. What nonsense is that??

For me, I love being around my family now. And I always will be no matter how old I am =))

my siblings!! without them my life would be boring ;)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Loving the food habit vs Some girls

Current mode : Hungry actually. That's why I'm posting this ;)

Well, eventually not all girls is that insane to go on strict diet. For me, I NEVER go on diet. Yes, some may say that I would not have to go on diet because my body is fine or some may say that I'm lucky because I can just eat whatever I want as my body would not be affected much by that. It is not the reason why I don't like these all diet things. I love to eat. I love the food. That just it.

Most of girls out there usually go on diet. Diet here means not the healthy ones. But, I'm talking about the other one. I mean extreme diet. Let's just say the diets that eventually will somehow affect their health. Sometimes I just don't understand what is so beautiful of being so skinny. But, everyone has their own preferences, their own taste.. so anyone who does not agrees with me you just can simply ignore my post. It is just my opinion on something which I don't seem to get the point of doing it. But, it is just merely my inner thoughts.

It is not wrong to go on diet. But on one condition that your body is really "cute" or you don't really have a choice. Maybe if you don't diet now, your health condition would be worse. For that kind of diet, I have nothing against it.

But most of the girls I've known, no matter how skinny they are, there will always be complaints.
Some would be like this, " Hey, I think I look fat" or "OMG. Look at my b***. I need to be on diet a.s.a.p." So, as a friend, I would normally say, they look just fine. No need for a diet. Seriously, they look JUST FINE. But, of course, my says would not come into their consideration.

For me, it is not always about your look. The most important your beauty inside. Ever heard "the beauty in ugly"?? It is a song by Jason Mraz and it's one of my favourites.

But as I say earlier, not all people nowadays really care how you are on the inside. Clearly, most of them, just look on the outside first. That's their main criteria of defining beauty. As, a reminder, the outside ones usually don't last long. It is just a matter of time before it fades away.

Look at these food.. I just cannot go on diet. It is not me. I L.O.V.E food!!! haha ;D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Success is a Lousy Teacher, Failure is the Best Teacher

Well, do u agree with the title? I am 100% agree about it. I'm posting this because I had this "healthy discussion" with an old friend of mine just now. We call that sessions as our motivation sessions.

Why?? She needs to motivate herself. Not only she, but I think I have to motivate myself too. Tell u a bit about this friend. She's actually my senior during my school time at MGS Klang. I called her D. No full name here. She don't want popularity. Kidding D.. ;) I know some people would recognized her even I wrote D only. In UITM S.Alam now doing the course like me, accounting. She asked me how to get a good motivation. So I guess based on your own experience. Then YM with her for almost 2 hours.. she came out with this quote "Success is A Lousy Teacher, Failure is The Best Teacher".

Based on my own experience, when people have been successful, they tend to become arrogant. Acts the way they want because they think they are smart enough. One thing they forgot, from where they got the intelligence from. They forgot it is just a temporary gifts from GOD. Anytime it can be taken away from you. This is a reminder to myself, not to become arrogant. Because I once did it, and I am at the bottom of everything. I lose everything in just a second. I'm not going there again. I've learned my mistakes. That's how lousy a success can make you be. It turned you to be ignorance, stubborn and etc. But, not all become this way. Some people, realized the intelligence is not their rightful property. So, this kind of people usually the humble ones.

The failure.. it is the best teacher. Why?? It make you to suffer first. Learn from it. Become okay again. Get back on track again. Move forward. But it is only good thing to those who can see the benefits of a failure. To those people, they will rise once more and look back to learn from their mistakes. To do this, you've got to have a strong character. In other words, you are not easily influenced by others. But in rising up, not many people able to do it. Simple reason, they just give up.

So, whether success or failure you are facing right now.. the one that would determines whether it is a good or bad thing is actually your attitude. Good attitudes reflects good things happening to you. Insyaallah :)

I've experinced both success, failure then success again. I dont want the failure again. So, please stay away from me. I become both the arrogant and humble person. I prefer the humble me. I bet my family hate the arrogant me that happened long time ago. For me, it's better to be a good person. That way you're doing no harm to others. hehe

Then, D gave me this motivation thing. I guess it help.

p/s : U shud thank me D. for being you motivator..haha ;D

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Target Achieved

Remember what I said in my previous post?
That my target is to finish up two assignments by this weekend.
Well, CHECKED. I've did it!! haha.. Like my bf said..
I'm very happy when some of my works are done. ;)

I am happy right now. Plus eager to finish the rest of my work. Well.. I maybe take 3 days break from doing my assignments. I want to focus on my last subject for my mid term. Says hello to 'Taxation 1'. That's means it's a pre-requisite subjects. Basically, I can't fail this paper. The continuation of it will be in Taxation 2 and Advanced Tax. For me, the paper is tough. The toughest of all. I'm not the kind of person who enjoys reading laws and case laws. I'm more like analytical-minded person. Calculation is my best subjects. BUT, no matter what I'm not gifted with mesmorizing skills :(

I remembered during my first year, the only subject which ruined my CGPA is Human Resource Management. That's where I got my first C out of 13 subjects I've took back then. Guess what?? Again it's a reading subject. But I kinda like taxation. It's not purely reading like a parrot. But requires some thinking. Now, that's what I like. I am grateful because not every1 have analytical mind. Well, when you love maths plus calculus, that would help. =))

So, no matter how tough this subject is, I have to learn to deal with it. It's not that bad. Like my lecturer Dr Nakha said.. " Dont complain. Go and read your book". Yes sir, I will. hehe

And yeah.. I dont know about other places, but Cyber rains like everyday. Like today, it stops raining for a while. Then rains again. Is it monsoon season? I forgot my geography already..hehe. Yes, I love rains. Cool this place a lot. Plus make me want to fall asleep a lot faster than usual. ;p

Now, I am hungry. Better go grab something to eat. daa~

Thursday, April 09, 2009

One Great Movie

I was bored. Then I just want to watch videos on you tube. But then I found this movie. It's called "Raise Your Voice" and Hilary Duff in it. I love her..haha ;)) But the movie if I'm not mistaken was 2004 movie. And I just watched it.. hehe

It's about this girl Terri who is a very talented musician. But after losing her beloved brother in a car accident, she refused to sing. Then, she got accepted for summer music program at the best music school. There, she learned not only music but to move on with her life after her brother's death. Overall, it's a great movie. I wonder why I didnt know about the movie.. hihi

The movie makes me want to play my music again. It's been a while since I play the piano. I kind of miss my music. I'll play again when I have time. Maybe during my holidays =))

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Current mode : busy again but this time with assignments..

I haven't started yet with.. let's see.. Audit, Managerial Acc 2, Taxation assignments. The other 2.. which are Corporate Finance and Financial Acc & Repoting 2 are in progress. By this weekend I must finish those first before moving on to the other 3 assignments. That's my target. Hopefully it'll get done ;))

But I wish I do have more time in a day. I wish we all have. Whether I can't manage my time properly or it is really not my fault. Go figure!! haha.. of coz it is caused by my failure to manage my time properly. So, this weekend, I won't go back home. At least not until 2 or 3 more weeks. I have to do that.



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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Not Enough

Ever been in a situation where you've did all you could but still people complained? Still people feel you've not doing enough? Still people feel ungrateful for the things you've done for them.

Situation 1

X : Can u teach me this chapter?
Y: Sure. Hold on I've got something else to do first.
X: U can do it later. Teach me now.

Well, see how ungrateful the X person is. Supposedly, when people agree to teach, you should be grateful. Not be like this X. Seriously, there are some people like that. To this kind of people, don't you know that other people also have other things to do which sometimes are more important than listening to your ungrateful demand. And there is not even a "thank you".

Situation 2

X : Can you help me?
Y: Sure. What do u need?
X: I want you to *things she/he wants Y to do.

This time, you see the way X asking for help. It looks more like demanding. The bold word makes it looks that way. I've been in this kind of situation where I am willing to help, but when I realized the way you're asking me more like you demanding something from, suddenly I feel reluctant to help. It annoyed me. If you want people to help you, ask nicely. It's that simple.

Situation 3

X: Do you know how to do this?
Y: Let me try first.
X : I thought you know. Never mind

This is a common thing for many people. For me, it is not. Don't do this thing when you're asking for that person's help. Even if that person doesn't know, gives them chances to try. What's the rush? Everyone is learning. Don't expect the helper would immediately gives answer. He/She also still learning. But the most annoying part is when the person doesn't know how to do it, people start making faces. If this kind of person do that in front of me, I would directly sound him/her right in front of their faces. This kind of people deserve that.

Those situations are randomly selected. Some of it experienced by me. All of those, shows that even you're trying to be helpful, but somehow it is just not enough. Why? Because in this world, there are people like this X. I can't be changing peoples' attitudes. It's up to that individual. But in my individual opinion, lots of people are selfish. This is what happening right now right? They just want what they want and the rest doesn't matter.

Is this what supposed to happen?


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dear mr money.. please come to me

If the title above can really be written as a letter and be a reality, I would have write it long time ago. Unfortunately, it just in my dreamland. =))

It's not that I don't have money, but I would say I must spend really according to my budget. I don't want to ask more than I supposed to from my parents. They have other things to worry about. Everyone is affected by the recession. So do my family. And I blame the economy for decreasing my parents' purchasing power.. (too economic is it?? ) Hehe.

But no matter what I'm lucky that I still have money to eat. Still have money to pay for my studies. Those are on top of my consumption list. That's where my money usually goes now compared to bags, clothes, shoes or whatsoever other unnecessary stuff. Luckily, I'm the kind of girl that can hold on & buy the stuffs which are important first. ;)

One more thing, living in Cyber is burning holes in my pocket. I don't know about others but for me it is. The food is quite costly especially mamak stall.. not that tasty pon. But I knew where to find delicious food plus it is not that expensive. Then, the car park rental. My current house only provided a space for a car. So, I have to parked at the rental space. Every 3 months, I'll have to renew my parking sticker. That's for RM180. And before 15th April, I need to do that. There goes my money AGAIN.

Now, I am broke...

Later people, I need to study for my test on Tuesday. Wish me luck ;))

Saturday, April 04, 2009

April Fools is really a fool thing

Seriously why do people even bother to celebrate this thing? I don't get the point.
Note : Haram for Muslim. Article about it is HERE.

So, I've been warned by my housemates not to check my account balance using the net for this week. It's just because the Conficker Worm Virus. I thought they just joking about it. So, i spend my time just now to google about it.

Here is what I've found..

Sources : Yahoo Tech

The Conficker worm's April 1st trigger date came and went without the bedeviling computer virus causing any mischief but security specialists warn that the threat is far from over. Conficker did just what the "white hats" tracking it expected -- the virus evolved to better resist extermination and make its masters tougher to find.

The worm was programmed to evolve on Wednesday to become harder to stop. It began doing just that when infected machines got cues, some from websites with Greenwich Mean Time and others based on local clocks. The malicious software evolved from East to West, beginning in the first time zones to greet April Fools' Day.

Conficker had been programmed to reach out to 250 websites daily to download commands from its masters, but on Wednesday it began generating daily lists of 50,000 websites and reaching randomly 500 of those. The hackers behind the worm have yet to give the virus any specific orders. An estimated one to two million computers worldwide are infected with Conficker.

The worm, a self-replicating program, takes advantage of networks or computers that haven't kept up to date with security patches for Windows RPC Server Service. It can infect machines from the Internet or by hiding on USB memory sticks carrying data from one computer to another.

The Conficker worm has created secure infrastructure for cybercrime. The worm allows its creators to remotely install software on infected machines. What will that software do? We don’t know. Most likely the worm will be used to create a botnet that will be rented out to criminals who want to send SPAM, steal IDs and direct users to online scams and phishing sites.

The Conficker worm mostly spreads across networks. If it finds a vulnerable computer, it turns off the automatic backup service, deletes previous restore points, disables many security services, blocks access to a number of security web sites and opens infected machines to receive additional programs from the malware’s creator. The worm then tries to spread itself to other computers on the same network.

Is this the kind of thing you should be celebrating? Think wisely before you start wishing everyone on that day.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's just my silly complaints

This is actually the 8th or 9th week of my semester ( tgk 2, yg 2 pon i'm not sure.. pening sgt byk bnd len nk pk..haha). That means I've got only how many weeks left before my final..let me check first.. around 6 weeks. And, just now I checked my exam schedule is out. So fast right?? Yup.
I'll be having my final exams on 18th of May until 29th of May. At that time, my other friends in other universities have already on their holidays. Damn!! haha ;p

This week only I've got 2 exams plus a quiz. About the exams, I've studied and I've done my best. But for my finals I'm definetely have a lot more to study. I've took only 6 subjects. But how come my time is so limited. I usually don't have time to study all. Where am I supposed to get that time??? Tell me please..haha ;D Seriously, I need to cut down my unnecessary on9 activity for the sites that aren't relevant at this moment ( FB,FS,MS and even my blog). I still have 2 more subjects for my mid term exams. Why are there so many exams???

About my assignments. None of it has been touched by me.. EXCEPT for my corporate finance subject.. and it's actually a weekly assignment. Like it or not I have to finish it on time. But the rest of my assignnment, the due date is likely at the end of the semester =)) yeay!! i still have plenty of time. NOT!! I need to start picking up one of the assignment and start doing it. After this, I will ;) Why must there be assignments?? I know silly questions.

And yup, from this week onwards, if I want to go back to Klang for the weekend, my mom had gave me permission to drive on my own. Usually, I only drive back by myself for the mid break or sem break. Well, isn't it what I want? Yup, before this. But now, I'm too lazy to drive. Tired!!

See, it's just silly complaints. I still have to do what I need to do.

Needs to study
Needs to do complete the assignments
Needs to drive back on my own??? ( i'll think about it) haha

That's how things supposed to be. Don't let this kind of silly complaints messed you up. It's all depends on your attitude and willingness to sacrifice your social time.

p/s: Just a reminder 4 me.