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March 24, 2009

Yesterday I've updated my blog. Today, I'm updating again. Like I don't have anything else to do. Apart from studying (not so much 2..haha), I watched TV for all day, on9 browsing the usual pages.. FB, FS, or if I'm in the mood I usually read the news. NOTES : I am lazy to go out and buy newspaper ;p

About last weekend, I spent time with?? Nope, my bf.. he's far away..huhu. Actually with my sister. I can say that we're quite close. We had our differences and argue sometimes.. but nothing serious. Well, luckily she went back home last weekend. At that time, my holidays had not been so boring. One more thing, my mum had this thing. Whenever my sister or even I went back home.. she'll just let us eat whatever we want. Most of the time what we want to eat is the not so healthy food ;)) That's what I really like being at home.. hehe. Back to my sis, after she had a a plate of rice with so many lauk, then she ordered another meal. Believe it or not she's so skinny. I wonder how she stuffed all the food she's eaten in her tummy within just an hour?? For me, a meal is just enough.

On Saturday, I went out with her to watched a movie. She said she wanted watch 2. But, I made some excuse said we can't because by the time the 2nd movie finished we're going to be late ;p
We arrived at Aeon Bkt Tinggi Klang about 10 mins before the movie starts. Guess what?? It's full. SO, we had to waited for another screening. Then, we realized that we had an extra 2 more hours. Well, it's time for our shopping..haha.

My sis said that she had to find a present for the exchange gift things with her classmates. She's going to finish her matriculation this April. So we find the present first. After looked around for about 10 mins, finally we went to this shop called 2:30 ( if I'm not mistaken). Well, my sis kind of choosy. So, it took quite a long time just to buy a gift. Well, I admitted that I am not really the kind of person with so many patience. So, waiting for quite a long time is not my thing. But, she's my sis so I just bare with it ;)

This shop has so many cute things..

After quite a long time, she decided to buy these two things..

caption : she called it the cute kitty. Is it a cat?? i dunno..haha

caption : I like this panda!!!

Those are the things she bought. Well 2 items for rm30. Not that costly right.. I'm gonna buy this panda later ;p

Next stop, the clothes stores. I bought a few shirts, she bought a few 2. Tired already then we went to food corners to filled up our tummies. We chatted and not realized that it's only 5 mins before the movie starts. We rushed to my car to keep all the shopping bags. And it's A LOT!! hihi..

Ok.. done stuffing up my car then we walked quickly. Luckily, the movie is just about to start. We watched "A Race to Witch Mountain". This is her choice. I wanted to watch Dragonball but then the next screening it's too late.

About the movie, it's a predictable movie. It's about a taxi driver who found two kids at the back seats of his car. Well, this 2 kids is actually aliens, came down to Earth to find solution for their dying planet. But it's sort of sci fiction + action movie. Plus it's kind of funny. Overall, it's an okay movie to watch. It took 2 hours plus I guess to finish the story. We came out from the cinema then my sis realized her phone missing. Now, that would not be a good thing. We went back in to the cinema and the guys helped us to find it but it's not there. She looked relaxed but I know inside she's panicking. We went to every single place we've went before. Then, I thought maybe it's in the car.

Luckily I'm right. It's in one of the plastic shopping bags. Conclusion :


well, this is my sis..

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