March 12, 2009

I just miss a few things in my life, a few good friends. let's the pic do the talking =))

with the girls.. sorry guys..haha ;p

* did I miss any1?? no i guess.. all the girls are here..hehe. Someday we'll meet again ok Syu.. huhu. Yes Amal, kte taw pe amal ckp.. "I'm irreplaceable"..haha. That's true. ;p

ok fine.. i include the guys..hish!! haha


He is the only guy that i miss.. ;))

To my BFF, Sab.. I want to put ur pic here.. but I dont have one. Sorry. But I really miss u ok.
I need u rite now if u read this. I hate my friends here. They cant replace u. I need u.. how many times i repeat that??Blk M'sia cpt ek.. :)

I'll meet all these people SOMEDAY..

p/s : Happy 21st birthday syg.. i luv u :)

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