Friday, March 06, 2009

Some People

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About this post, u may find it is quite offensive. Maybe. But this is the truth of what I'm facing each day. I'm posting this based on my general point of view. I do not pin point at anyone. But to those that may feel offended by this.. I am sorry.

Some people just comfortable to be around their clique. Some people think that they are too cool to befriend with others. Some people think they are too hot for others to handle. I just don't get it. You put some weather conditions on yourself is it? What's that for actually?? To cover up your own weakness or you afraid of any competition? Well, think about it. Get out from your clique. Find new people and try something healthy and new for god's sake.

There are also some people think they are too smart 4 others to beat them. Some people think they are way too beautiful than anybody else. Some people think that they are so handsome that no one else is. Some people who think they are perfect. Some people think they are better than anyone else. Well, which part of yourself falls in this type of some people? Don't lie to yourself. Admit it. At least you fell like these some people ONCE.

Yup.. 1 more thing. I don't usually goes with the clique here or before this. I'm more like an individualist. I already have my own true friends which I found during my school and matrix time. Yup, to those friends especially Sab and Amal, I know that I can depend on you. These 2 girls, Ive known for years.. Sab from my school time and Amal is during my matrix. Not that I cant rely on my current university friends, BUT there are still boundaries. My trust is for those I've trust ONLY. So here, I dont really found the person that I can trust 100%. Not just yet. Maybe there is and maybe not in this place.

Some people are really pretenders. Some people are liars. But not all are bad. Some people are nice. Not just that. There are also really sincere and honest people. Some people whom I recently worked with, that didn't judge the way you look. Some people whom I can depend on. But these good people are usually hard to find. They are clouded by the other negative people whom usually more "outstanding". Like the negative charges always attracting the objects rather than the positive ones. So, there is some sort of analogy.

So, people.. which one of the some people are you? I've made mine. I'm an individualist. No need for me to be in a clique or my own "kind" to be at the best level of myself. I can make it own my own. Make the right choice. Some people change BUT there are some people that would never change. Stop labelling yourself with "hot", "cool", "smart" and etc.

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Farra Muneera said...

one nice nice post aiza!
salute awak ;)

somehow i felt like you talk thru your heart for the first time.

cool cool.. oopss!

erm.. hebat! ;D

aiza aidid said...

ni la yg kte type dr td kat blik 2..

well, mmg ptt kne ade post cmni..

btw, thnx taw!!

platipus said...

ye betul tu
sekarang ni
kite leh masuk mane2 je kalau dalam kelas
satu group penuh dengan dak laki ke
group mane yang tak cukup orang ke
masuk saje :D
ah terharunye i nampak name i kat situ ehehehe
takpe put
continue being yerself ehe
oh ye
kite ade satu cite nak cite kat put
mesti put tak cayenye la hahaha

aiza aidid said...

ahaha.. tol 2 amal..
i hate clique taw..
btw, kte pon msk satu working committee yg pnh cna je.. and xde prob la.. hehe
eleh, malu la 2..
eyh amal, serious taw..
amal cm 1 of yg kte le caye taw..huhu
kat mmu xde lg la kte jmp =))
owh yeke, cte pe??
cpt2 ym kte kn..hehe

hanida lavida said...

ade 1 agy yg awk tinggal
iaitu flexible or complex person.
cewah.. poyo.

haaa poyo pun bole masuk kan gak kan? :P

annoying ke.. (macam saya)
tidak tidak..

aiza aidid said...

erm.. jp kte pk nk msokkn ke x yg 2..hahaha

yup2.. kte xnk label pape kat awk..

juz a nice fren la kn..hehe