A piece of very precious advice from a dad

March 19, 2009

Wednesday, 18 March 09
Venue : Somewhere in campus lecture hall
Event : Audit Mid Term Exam

" Ok people. Keep all your notes. The exam going to start soon". That's how my lecturer greeted us that morning. He sounded strict.. ;)

The papers were distributed. Ok.. I look at mine & erm.. ok I guess i know these things. But some of the terms I can't remember. I just do the necessary explanation basically based on my understanding. Well, this post is not about how I answer my exam. It's already done nothing can be done to improve my answer. So let it be.

While answering those not-so-easy questions, suddenly I realized something..

I turned left someone holding notes.
I turned right it's the same thing.
I looked in front someone pulling notes out of his bag.
No need to look back. Surely, the same situation.

I sighed. I heard something from the lecturer before the exam started.

" People who copied is the ones with no ethics. If you feel yourself have a high ethical value don't copy. If not, go ahead copy. But you won't learn anything by this".

So, the conclusion..


I admit I'm not that good. I'm not near to the perfect scale either. But one thing I'm holding on is, I can distinguishes the rights & the wrongs. There's something that my dad usually said..

" I'm proud of u 4 always bringing the good results. You're a good child. Please remains the same. But apart from all A's u brought home.. Ayah wants u to learn that.. it doesn't matter if you have all A's but what you've learnt from your studies. If you strive for it with a good ways.. no cheating or COPYING in exams that's very good. That means u already have some values in yourself. That's what I'm proud of u."

So people.. where are your values???

To ayah, Thanx a lotttt... I learnt a lot & all your advices made me more & more mature each day :)

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