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March 26, 2009

Date : 28 March 2009
Time : 8.30 -9.30 pm

Probably everyone knows about the Earth Hour. So, the duration to switch off your lights is only for 1 hour. By doing that, you guys would support the Earth. Your vote is for OUR planet. Otherwise, your vote is for global warming, by switching on your lights.

The supporters of global warming.. Here are some fast facts for you guys:

1. In simple words, it changes the average temperature on Earth. The changes are actually involving an increase the temperature of Earth's near surface air and oceans. The increasing temperature that lead to rises of sea level. Another effect from this is that it changes the amount and pattern of precipitation.

2. The global warming is actually an effect from the Greenhouse Effect. Sounds familiar right?? We learned about it from Biology class during high school. It was discovered on 1824 by Joseph Fourier. Almost 200 hundreds years we live with this effect. No wonder, the global warming had reached the crucial point. In simple words, Greenhouse Effect involves the process of absorption and emission of infrared radiation by atmospheric gases. This would then warm the Earth's lower atmosphere and surfaces. Bold
3. Another caused that lead to global warming is the solar variation. Increase in solar activity would warming of the stratosphere. Another hypotheses is that, magnetic activity of the Sun deflects cosmic rays. It then influence the generation of cloud condensation nuclei and therefore affect the climate.

Note : The combination of no 2 & 3 makes the global warming effect worse.

4. Other effect that been seen is the glacier retreat, ice shelf disruption, sea level rise, changes in rainfall pattern and increased in intensity and frequency of extreme weather events.

5. We also can expect effects such as water scarcity in some regions and increased precipitation in others, changes in mountain snowpack, and adverse health effect from warmer temperature.

6. The increased amount of carbon dioxide in atmospheric would also increased the amount of this gas dissolved in oceans. With a reaction with water, carbonic acid would be produced. This would lead to ocean acidification. The major effect from this is that the organisms in the oceans may extinct as the pH level of the ocean had changed.

The above are some of the direct effect if we keep on supporting global warming.
There are a lot of other effects of global warming. So why bother to give your vote to it?

Give Your Support

The Earth

Sources : Wikipedia, Earth Hour and my reading stuff

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