the Attitude

March 11, 2009

First, I'm not sure whether to post this or not. Then, finally I decided to post it. No harm when your real intention is to make people realize. The attitude I'm talking about is the moody with long face you put up all day. Do you know how it affect other people around you??? Well, I know the feeling. I'm sick of it.

Not that I don't have the sympathy in me but then I'm not the pro counselor or anything like that. I can't be solving everyone else problem. I already have mine. Sounds selfish right?? Yeah.. I have to do that sometimes. But the bottom line is that, no matter what your problem is, try to deal with it not run from it. If you keep ignoring it no problem would be solve. But again, it depends on your attitude. Please, please, please.. don't affect others around you with the moodiness and no-smile face or i-dont-care face. It is really annoying. But no matter what, I would not involve in your problem or whatever you dealing with right now.

I also have some issue that I try to deal right now. But do I moody all the time?? Do you even see any long face I put up?? No right. So grow up. These attitude usually is portrayed by an adult whom usually older than me. How surprising?? Aren't you ashamed that the person you always called a kiddo post this thing up. Sorry, if I did that. But I have to state my point clearly because you not even realize it until now what you are heading to. I don't want to lose a good friend. But if this thing keep up.. I don't know whether I can befriend with you like we used to be. Sorry if that happens.

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