February 09, 2009

warning : the above title is not related with health condition. I'm posting this entry in a general term.

What am i talking about? the sickness i mean here is the people attitudes, mentality etc. I'm getting sick with all these things. Everywhere i go the people would either be in one of these groups ; OPPORTUNISTS, PREJUDICE, OR LIARS..

lets talk about the opportunists. These kinda people really love to take advantage on others. The kinda things to make their life easier. They don't care if other people suffer. The most important thing to them is they must have an easy life. Let's say, u just moved into a new house. You paid all the deposit & other fees to a housemate. This person who is in charge to collect the rent then suddenly say the monthly rent has increased. When you checked with the owner then you found out that the rent never been increased. It turned out to be that this person take all the extra money others paid to cover for her/his expenses. So, this is what i called taking advantage.

Then, prejudice. Prejudice is when u just assume based on physical look, your experience or others which means u judge something without a fact to support it. This thing occur to me.. ALWAYS.

" where r u studying?"
" MMU Cyberjaya."
" where is that? Isn't it a private university?" *smirking faces...

Then they start to compare every single thing between private & public university. To these mentality kinda people FYI, the main point is my performance in study NOT where i study. I been to a public university once but there I'm an engineering student. I cant do well since i dont have the interest in that area. But here, i performed & improving since this is the right course for myself. Why i say that these people are prejudice? They always assume that the private students are stupid.. the ones that had not been offer places at public UNI. They don't even been to my place & how would they know that. The regretful part is, the people whom been prejudice to me are my own friend. Well, it's ok. My rezeki is not in their hand anyway :)

Liars?? well, for sure every1 had lie. I lied too before this. The ones that I'm saying is the major liar. They usually lied in every single word they said. Until, u cant trust any word coming out from them. For these people, DO NOT LIE anymore. There will come to a point when nobody will ever believe you. This is also a reminder to myself to be honest all the time. As much as the truth hurts, it'll be much more hurt to discovers a lie.

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