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February 28, 2009

A day ago..

I called my mom..

me : Ma, ira x blk kot this week. Ade keje cket.
mama : Tol ke xnk blk????
me : cm perli je.. hehe. Tol.. I've got some stuff to do here.
mama: Ok la then. Mama pon xde weekd ni sbb nk g penang.
me: huh?? nk ikot.. :(

So.. that's how I'm stuck here this weekend. Here means Cyber. It's so boring here during weekend. But I'm not supposed to go back this weekeng. I've planned to study & revise all the subjects. All the chapters are piled up and untouch by me..haha. Besides, this week had been tiring for me. So, I just want to relax here. Eventhough it's boring. How many times I've type boring??? :p

16 hours ago..

I've cleaned up all the mess in my room. Now, the room look tidier. Before this too many wires all over the room. Note : Need to buy something to put all the wires.
After that, I want to take a bath. To my horror.. there's not even a drop of water.. haih!! That's already happened twice in this week. I dont know whether it is really some sort of water supply interruption or my housemates forgot to pay the bill.

Then.. one of my friend ym me.. She also with some sort of i dont know what to called it.. planning maybe.. didnt went home this week..

ida : boringnyeee..
me: same la kte pon.. lapa la..
ida : g la mkn..
me : mls la sorg2.. pe kate awk tmn kte mkn..

well, luckily she agree..haha. We went out, chit chat UNTIL almost 2 hours..haha. Then, went back to my room.. feeling all sleepy.. well, in a few minutes already asleep. That's how i spent last nite. Boring?? yeah.. i know.. haha

This morning I woke up at 10 something. Well..it's weekend rite..haha. Lying down on my comfy pillow.. feeling really lazy to wake up. So, I made some plan for today.. which I will do alone.
I've gotta go out to buy some stuff. That's for now. Study??? I'll think about it after I got back ;D

p/s : To my dearest AIN SHAQIRAH.. even it's not a leap year this year.. still ur birthday falls in the month of february. So.. happy birthday Ain. Kte x dpt bg present skng. Next time kte jmp, kte bg ek..hehe

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