Saturday, February 14, 2009

new look. MAYBE


At home rite now. Thinking whether should i or not 2 cut my hair. It's been a long time i went into a salon..haha. So my hair it's long.VERY LONG. *no pics of it :) I want the new look. Plus, it's hard to tied it up when i want to wear tudung. One more thing.. at my room during's too hot.. so with long hair.. i'm totally sweating & having hard time to sleep. No wonder i wake up with puffy eyes!! But.. i'm not sure should i cut it or not.. haih!!

A few hours later...

I finally decided to cut my hair. Just try the new look. will grow back. What's i've gotta lose rite.. :)

A few minutes then..

I've got my hair cut.. I like it.. It's not totally different. Still below the shoulder.. hehe ;D


This morning...

Actually I should be doing my assignments.. But instead I read Phantom of The opera.. Talking about laziness..
Reminder to myself : Plz study. U don't want any fail paper this sem. It's tough enough.. don't trouble yourself more!!

One more thing, something bothering me. It's about my dream.. I had a new little little sis.. How weird is that???? I know my mom wont be able to have a kid anymore.. Plus, if i really would have this sis.. my age gap with her is like 21 years.. It's not gonna be fun.. I dont believe the dream.. But i kept thinking about it. Until now. I even told my mom bout it. Well, she laughed. Real hard ;D

I guess a dream is just a dream. But do you believe in a dream come true?

p/s : I believe in wishes come true!! hehe

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sabrina halim said...

ha.. jeng3. ad adik baru? scary la put. i dgn yg kck skali ni pn org dh ingt anak kot

aiza aidid said...

mmg pon..
scary gler..
u know my bro ckp pe..
yg i mmp 2 bkn new sis tp ank i..
hahaha.. lwk gle plak wan ni.. ;p

sabrina halim said...

hahaha. ish. btol gak ckp si wan 2 kan. kahkah. amin...

aiza aidid said...

haha.. funny ek sab..
someday la ;)

mizzsyaidris said...

puan!eh silap

cik!mung potong?huhu

terasa gitu gak di dalam diriku ini mau potong tidak..

kerna..ku nk rmbut ku cm rozita che wan..wahahahaha

aiza aidid said...

haha.. blm puan lg ek teah.. :D
ak sje je potg rmbt
townhouse mlm2 pns lak..hehe
rmbt ko da cntk..
x pyh potg2..hehehe