new look. MAYBE

February 14, 2009


At home rite now. Thinking whether should i or not 2 cut my hair. It's been a long time i went into a salon..haha. So my hair it's long.VERY LONG. *no pics of it :) I want the new look. Plus, it's hard to tied it up when i want to wear tudung. One more thing.. at my room during's too hot.. so with long hair.. i'm totally sweating & having hard time to sleep. No wonder i wake up with puffy eyes!! But.. i'm not sure should i cut it or not.. haih!!

A few hours later...

I finally decided to cut my hair. Just try the new look. will grow back. What's i've gotta lose rite.. :)

A few minutes then..

I've got my hair cut.. I like it.. It's not totally different. Still below the shoulder.. hehe ;D


This morning...

Actually I should be doing my assignments.. But instead I read Phantom of The opera.. Talking about laziness..
Reminder to myself : Plz study. U don't want any fail paper this sem. It's tough enough.. don't trouble yourself more!!

One more thing, something bothering me. It's about my dream.. I had a new little little sis.. How weird is that???? I know my mom wont be able to have a kid anymore.. Plus, if i really would have this sis.. my age gap with her is like 21 years.. It's not gonna be fun.. I dont believe the dream.. But i kept thinking about it. Until now. I even told my mom bout it. Well, she laughed. Real hard ;D

I guess a dream is just a dream. But do you believe in a dream come true?

p/s : I believe in wishes come true!! hehe

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