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February 21, 2009

currently : I'm broke.. spent all my allowances..haha
song : Decode, Paramore

So, here is the thing..
i watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons just now with my sis. About the story.. it's awesome. It's not the modern type of movie. I just post a quick review of it. The story is about a boy who's born with an old man looks.. that's including the health condition.. even his own father abondaned him because he think that Benjamin is some kind of monster. Then, he been taken care by Queenie. She is the only mother to him. When he's 5, he looks like 80. As many years passed, he's getting older..but his looks getting younger.. when he's like 60..he looks like he's!!haha..
But.. overall, it's a sad story.. Instead of aging normally like a normal person.. he had it on the other way round. The saddest part is.. he died as a baby in the arms of Daisy. Who's Daisy?? Well, watch this movie yourself. It's not an average movie :)

Yeah, another thing.. i drove my mom's car to watch the movie. Then, just now.. I saw some scratches at the bumper..It's a long ones.. VERY obvious!! I have no idea who did it.. But 4 sure, it's by a black car. How am I gonna tell my mom 'bout it?? Even it's not my fault.. but it's still not my car.. :( Hey, to all drivers out there (this including me) please drive more careful. Your actions would affect others also ok!!

p/s : this movie is nearly about 3 hours!!

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