bad luck bad nite

February 11, 2009

Yesterday I'm not lucky at all. I mean lately, my financial condition is not so good. Every time i have an extra money to buy something i want then suddenly another thing happen. The thing which always need me to pull out few cash out of my purse..haih!! I'm actually saving money 2 buy a new hp because i don't want my parents to keep paying 4 every single thing i want. Plus, i want to get something 4 him 4 his birthday n 4 sure not with my folks' money..haha.

Yeah.. about yesterday. My car got clamped. D**n it!! Like i always do.. During the day I parked my car at the empty car park near my house. I don't get the owner's parking because I'm renting there. But during the nite I usually parked my car at my own tenant's parking. It's a bit far but i guess it's ok. Just during the day it's too hot to walk from there to my house..hehe :)
But as far as i know, the empty parking space is always available because there is no one's living at that unit b4 this. But i guess it's just not my luck. As i said im unlucky yesterday :(
so to make myself satisfy a bit.. i dont want to settle the payment last nite. I just wait 4 2mrw..much more easier. Plus, i dont have to move my car to my parking.. Puas hati..hahaha

Today my rm50 is gone. Served as payment 4 dat d**n clamping thingy. Let me see what i can get with a note of rm50..

1. I can topup my prepaid 5 times.. rm10 per topup.
2. Well.. rm50.. i can eat with that amount for 3-4 days.
3. Buy anything worth rather than paying 4 the release of that clamp.

* what a loss!!

I NEED MORE MONEY!!! hahahaha :D
Plus, MORE & MORE LUCK..hehe

p/s : kidding.. money is important.. BUT it isn't everthing in this world!! (^-^)

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