Saturday, February 07, 2009

the 1st week

Rite now, I'm at home.. what a feeling..besnyee dpt blk umh.. (as if da lme x blk..haha). There is friend of mine..she's studying in other university.. well, she alwz ask me.. " why do u have to go back home like every weekend?".. My answer is simple.. i found it boring to stay in Cyber for a week. It's fine when u stay there on weekdays because u'll be busy with classes n stuff. But weekend rite, it'll be boring there. I only stay there on weekend if i've got tons of assignment or any exams is coming up. Other than that, i'll be in my hometown..luckily it's not that far..haha

For this semester, i took 6 subjects.. 5 major subjects??? As far as i know, it's gonna be tough. But my schedule it's not very pack.. My bf wonder how i organize it..haha. What i told him, register early so the chances to get classes that dont clash with our napping time are higher..hehe. For this week, it's not busy..only have lectures without tutorials. So, i spent my time watching One Three Hill series *thnx 2 my honey 4 those cds.. & nothing much of other stuffs :) Im kinda in a lazy mode.. after 3 weeks hols.. it takes time 2 speed up my brain 2 deal with my study.. & usually in week 2 im back to normal, which means.. lazy me is GONE!! But i've still have a day 2 enjoy. woohoo!!

This morning i went to bookstore in JJ to bu my textbook because campus bookshop has no more stock left. But instead of buying those book (actually the book I'm finding is not available there), i bought 6 classic english novels..haha. In front of my mum, i made the "look".. the i-dont-hve-money-to-buy-these look. So my dad paid 4 the books..thnx 2 my folks. Then i texted my sis..

me : hey, i've bought books..haha
she: ala, wht book? dont buy that book i want.
me: nope. Classic ones.. tales from shakespeare, dracula, phantom of the opera, sense & sensibility, a tle of two cities, & emma.
she: kte nk pinjam blk nnt..hehe

I knew it..haha! Well, that's the only common thing we share. Both of us, love to read. We can spent hundrends on books ONLY.

p/s : to my sis, Kakyong akan bc all these books first. Besides u r still in matrix rite now!! haha

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sabrina halim said...

haha. syok gler u! wat mka innocent la eh? kekeke

Farra Muneera said...

ahha. yes first week we both have been sooo unproductive. haha

duk dalam bilik masing2 ngadap laptop. owh awak da g repair internet dah?

kite pon nk start gilekan mph. haha
giler nerdy ;p

btw matrix card da jumpe. heee ;D

aiza aidid said...

sab : haah.. u taw la kn mke cmne i wt.. hhahaha..

neera : haha..xtaw la smpi ble nk mls ni..da tp kne instl yg ori dwet byk kua..hehe.. ne tah awk ltk kd 2..hahaha :D

mizzsyaidris said...

pompuan!!wendu seh kt ko!hahaha..padahal bawu je jumpe ari 2..wahahaha..wendu dowh nk gusip2 n ngumpat2!hahahahaha


aiza aidid said...

cik sya : hahaha.. ak taw r ko rndu kat ak..nmpk sgt la..wakakaka..
xpe2, ade ms leh jmp gosp2.. byk gk bnd ak nk tny ko ni.. :p

platipus said...

keju put
mentang2 le die tak stuck kat tengah2 pilah
die buli adek die lak hahahahah

aiza aidid said...

keju?? amal2..hehe
well.. bese la..
dlu da stuck di sne..
skng pay back time..hahahaha