Saturday, February 28, 2009

-no title-

A day ago..

I called my mom..

me : Ma, ira x blk kot this week. Ade keje cket.
mama : Tol ke xnk blk????
me : cm perli je.. hehe. Tol.. I've got some stuff to do here.
mama: Ok la then. Mama pon xde weekd ni sbb nk g penang.
me: huh?? nk ikot.. :(

So.. that's how I'm stuck here this weekend. Here means Cyber. It's so boring here during weekend. But I'm not supposed to go back this weekeng. I've planned to study & revise all the subjects. All the chapters are piled up and untouch by me..haha. Besides, this week had been tiring for me. So, I just want to relax here. Eventhough it's boring. How many times I've type boring??? :p

16 hours ago..

I've cleaned up all the mess in my room. Now, the room look tidier. Before this too many wires all over the room. Note : Need to buy something to put all the wires.
After that, I want to take a bath. To my horror.. there's not even a drop of water.. haih!! That's already happened twice in this week. I dont know whether it is really some sort of water supply interruption or my housemates forgot to pay the bill.

Then.. one of my friend ym me.. She also with some sort of i dont know what to called it.. planning maybe.. didnt went home this week..

ida : boringnyeee..
me: same la kte pon.. lapa la..
ida : g la mkn..
me : mls la sorg2.. pe kate awk tmn kte mkn..

well, luckily she agree..haha. We went out, chit chat UNTIL almost 2 hours..haha. Then, went back to my room.. feeling all sleepy.. well, in a few minutes already asleep. That's how i spent last nite. Boring?? yeah.. i know.. haha

This morning I woke up at 10 something.'s weekend rite..haha. Lying down on my comfy pillow.. feeling really lazy to wake up. So, I made some plan for today.. which I will do alone.
I've gotta go out to buy some stuff. That's for now. Study??? I'll think about it after I got back ;D

p/s : To my dearest AIN SHAQIRAH.. even it's not a leap year this year.. still ur birthday falls in the month of february. So.. happy birthday Ain. Kte x dpt bg present skng. Next time kte jmp, kte bg ek..hehe

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Monday, February 23, 2009


This post is for my parents. I have this list. Yeah..what list?? The list of important people in my life.. the list of the people i love. Both of u are the 1st on my list. That's how important both of u 2 me.

I'm posting this because I realized how some people take their parents 4 granted. I'm not the perfect child after all. During my teen ages, I was a rebellious kid. Every single things that my dad forbid.. I've did it. I wont share the details here about what I've did in the past. But enough to say, what I've did really hurt my parents. And, I'm not proud of it AT ALL. At that time, I feel I'm old enough.. clever enough cause I'm the straight A's kinda student ( in other words.. I'm a snob). Teribble rite?? I know. I'm not quite the same person 6 years ago.. compared 2 now.. I am all the better person. The childish-me is gone, replaced by the mature-me. The rebellious teen been replaced by the the filial daughter. Only the intelligent part remains *grateful it's not taken away from me. All I'm saying is I'm not the person I used to be. I'm sorry for my imperfection.

Every time I did something wrong to them, they forgave me. Until, at one point, I've lost their trust. That was a long time ago. But they forgave me. It's hard enough to gain their trust back.. But I guess I'm a very lucky person to have them as my parents. As my dad said, once I'm mature enough, I would realized the things I've done to them is very wrong. Now, looking back at those things I've ever done to them, one thing I felt.. REGRET. I know, they forgave me. But the guilt is still here. As my punishment I guess. Maybe I have to learn how to forgive myself.

I may not say this as much as i should. But I want to say this, I love both of u so much. I am one lucky girl to have parents like ayah & mama. Thank you 4 being there 4 me when I'm lost. Thanks 4 all ur guidance & advices. There is one thing I would never do in this world.. I would not trade both of u 4 anything because having u is my precious gift.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

benjamin buttons

currently : I'm broke.. spent all my allowances..haha
song : Decode, Paramore

So, here is the thing..
i watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons just now with my sis. About the story.. it's awesome. It's not the modern type of movie. I just post a quick review of it. The story is about a boy who's born with an old man looks.. that's including the health condition.. even his own father abondaned him because he think that Benjamin is some kind of monster. Then, he been taken care by Queenie. She is the only mother to him. When he's 5, he looks like 80. As many years passed, he's getting older..but his looks getting younger.. when he's like 60..he looks like he's!!haha..
But.. overall, it's a sad story.. Instead of aging normally like a normal person.. he had it on the other way round. The saddest part is.. he died as a baby in the arms of Daisy. Who's Daisy?? Well, watch this movie yourself. It's not an average movie :)

Yeah, another thing.. i drove my mom's car to watch the movie. Then, just now.. I saw some scratches at the bumper..It's a long ones.. VERY obvious!! I have no idea who did it.. But 4 sure, it's by a black car. How am I gonna tell my mom 'bout it?? Even it's not my fault.. but it's still not my car.. :( Hey, to all drivers out there (this including me) please drive more careful. Your actions would affect others also ok!!

p/s : this movie is nearly about 3 hours!!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

plain BORING.. so i did this.. ;)

rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Puteri Nadhirah Aiza

2. A four Letter Word : Pass ( all exam..haha)

3. A boy's Name : Patrick.. (in spongebob's cartoons.. consider a boy rite..haha)

4. A girl's Name : Puteri Najihah Aida..( lil sis got the same 1st name with me..haha)

5. An occupation : Paediatrician =))

6. A colour : Pastel colours..hehe

7. Something you'll wear : pants..

9. A food : pizzassss..hahaha

10. Something found in the bathroom: erm.. toothpaste ;p

11. A place : Poland..haha

12. A reason for being late : passed out.. hehe

13. Something you'd shout : Plzzz shut up!! hehe

14. A movie title : P/s: I love you..hehe

15. Something you drink : Pepsi.. i dont drink it anymore..

16. A musical group : Paramore =))))) hehe

17. An animal : Panda.. cute ;p

18. A street name : Pulai Bay Road.. translated as "Jln Teluk Pulai"...hahaha

19. A type of car : Perodua Kelisa..hehe

20. The title of a song : Photo.. Ryan Cabrera ;)

p/s : to AIN.. susa gk bnd ni..hehe ;)

Any1 who's boring can do this.. fun to waste ur time..haha

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

new look. MAYBE


At home rite now. Thinking whether should i or not 2 cut my hair. It's been a long time i went into a salon..haha. So my hair it's long.VERY LONG. *no pics of it :) I want the new look. Plus, it's hard to tied it up when i want to wear tudung. One more thing.. at my room during's too hot.. so with long hair.. i'm totally sweating & having hard time to sleep. No wonder i wake up with puffy eyes!! But.. i'm not sure should i cut it or not.. haih!!

A few hours later...

I finally decided to cut my hair. Just try the new look. will grow back. What's i've gotta lose rite.. :)

A few minutes then..

I've got my hair cut.. I like it.. It's not totally different. Still below the shoulder.. hehe ;D


This morning...

Actually I should be doing my assignments.. But instead I read Phantom of The opera.. Talking about laziness..
Reminder to myself : Plz study. U don't want any fail paper this sem. It's tough enough.. don't trouble yourself more!!

One more thing, something bothering me. It's about my dream.. I had a new little little sis.. How weird is that???? I know my mom wont be able to have a kid anymore.. Plus, if i really would have this sis.. my age gap with her is like 21 years.. It's not gonna be fun.. I dont believe the dream.. But i kept thinking about it. Until now. I even told my mom bout it. Well, she laughed. Real hard ;D

I guess a dream is just a dream. But do you believe in a dream come true?

p/s : I believe in wishes come true!! hehe

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

bad luck bad nite

Yesterday I'm not lucky at all. I mean lately, my financial condition is not so good. Every time i have an extra money to buy something i want then suddenly another thing happen. The thing which always need me to pull out few cash out of my purse..haih!! I'm actually saving money 2 buy a new hp because i don't want my parents to keep paying 4 every single thing i want. Plus, i want to get something 4 him 4 his birthday n 4 sure not with my folks' money..haha.

Yeah.. about yesterday. My car got clamped. D**n it!! Like i always do.. During the day I parked my car at the empty car park near my house. I don't get the owner's parking because I'm renting there. But during the nite I usually parked my car at my own tenant's parking. It's a bit far but i guess it's ok. Just during the day it's too hot to walk from there to my house..hehe :)
But as far as i know, the empty parking space is always available because there is no one's living at that unit b4 this. But i guess it's just not my luck. As i said im unlucky yesterday :(
so to make myself satisfy a bit.. i dont want to settle the payment last nite. I just wait 4 2mrw..much more easier. Plus, i dont have to move my car to my parking.. Puas hati..hahaha

Today my rm50 is gone. Served as payment 4 dat d**n clamping thingy. Let me see what i can get with a note of rm50..

1. I can topup my prepaid 5 times.. rm10 per topup.
2. Well.. rm50.. i can eat with that amount for 3-4 days.
3. Buy anything worth rather than paying 4 the release of that clamp.

* what a loss!!

I NEED MORE MONEY!!! hahahaha :D
Plus, MORE & MORE LUCK..hehe

p/s : kidding.. money is important.. BUT it isn't everthing in this world!! (^-^)

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Monday, February 09, 2009


warning : the above title is not related with health condition. I'm posting this entry in a general term.

What am i talking about? the sickness i mean here is the people attitudes, mentality etc. I'm getting sick with all these things. Everywhere i go the people would either be in one of these groups ; OPPORTUNISTS, PREJUDICE, OR LIARS..

lets talk about the opportunists. These kinda people really love to take advantage on others. The kinda things to make their life easier. They don't care if other people suffer. The most important thing to them is they must have an easy life. Let's say, u just moved into a new house. You paid all the deposit & other fees to a housemate. This person who is in charge to collect the rent then suddenly say the monthly rent has increased. When you checked with the owner then you found out that the rent never been increased. It turned out to be that this person take all the extra money others paid to cover for her/his expenses. So, this is what i called taking advantage.

Then, prejudice. Prejudice is when u just assume based on physical look, your experience or others which means u judge something without a fact to support it. This thing occur to me.. ALWAYS.

" where r u studying?"
" MMU Cyberjaya."
" where is that? Isn't it a private university?" *smirking faces...

Then they start to compare every single thing between private & public university. To these mentality kinda people FYI, the main point is my performance in study NOT where i study. I been to a public university once but there I'm an engineering student. I cant do well since i dont have the interest in that area. But here, i performed & improving since this is the right course for myself. Why i say that these people are prejudice? They always assume that the private students are stupid.. the ones that had not been offer places at public UNI. They don't even been to my place & how would they know that. The regretful part is, the people whom been prejudice to me are my own friend. Well, it's ok. My rezeki is not in their hand anyway :)

Liars?? well, for sure every1 had lie. I lied too before this. The ones that I'm saying is the major liar. They usually lied in every single word they said. Until, u cant trust any word coming out from them. For these people, DO NOT LIE anymore. There will come to a point when nobody will ever believe you. This is also a reminder to myself to be honest all the time. As much as the truth hurts, it'll be much more hurt to discovers a lie.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

the 1st week

Rite now, I'm at home.. what a feeling..besnyee dpt blk umh.. (as if da lme x blk..haha). There is friend of mine..she's studying in other university.. well, she alwz ask me.. " why do u have to go back home like every weekend?".. My answer is simple.. i found it boring to stay in Cyber for a week. It's fine when u stay there on weekdays because u'll be busy with classes n stuff. But weekend rite, it'll be boring there. I only stay there on weekend if i've got tons of assignment or any exams is coming up. Other than that, i'll be in my hometown..luckily it's not that far..haha

For this semester, i took 6 subjects.. 5 major subjects??? As far as i know, it's gonna be tough. But my schedule it's not very pack.. My bf wonder how i organize it..haha. What i told him, register early so the chances to get classes that dont clash with our napping time are higher..hehe. For this week, it's not busy..only have lectures without tutorials. So, i spent my time watching One Three Hill series *thnx 2 my honey 4 those cds.. & nothing much of other stuffs :) Im kinda in a lazy mode.. after 3 weeks hols.. it takes time 2 speed up my brain 2 deal with my study.. & usually in week 2 im back to normal, which means.. lazy me is GONE!! But i've still have a day 2 enjoy. woohoo!!

This morning i went to bookstore in JJ to bu my textbook because campus bookshop has no more stock left. But instead of buying those book (actually the book I'm finding is not available there), i bought 6 classic english novels..haha. In front of my mum, i made the "look".. the i-dont-hve-money-to-buy-these look. So my dad paid 4 the books..thnx 2 my folks. Then i texted my sis..

me : hey, i've bought books..haha
she: ala, wht book? dont buy that book i want.
me: nope. Classic ones.. tales from shakespeare, dracula, phantom of the opera, sense & sensibility, a tle of two cities, & emma.
she: kte nk pinjam blk nnt..hehe

I knew it..haha! Well, that's the only common thing we share. Both of us, love to read. We can spent hundrends on books ONLY.

p/s : to my sis, Kakyong akan bc all these books first. Besides u r still in matrix rite now!! haha

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