too early

January 23, 2009

what izzit dat's 2 early?? My final exam result.. Usually MMU akn kuarkn result on the 3rd week.. But for this time it happened on 2nd week of my hols..haih!!

I actually went out with my sis to go shopping & watch movie. Then after I finished watching, Neera a.k.a my roomate texted me. " Result da kua".. After dat she called me..asking me bout my result.. I told her " kte x check lg.. kat JJ ni..hehe". Congratz to her for her result ;). Well, i didnt have the mood 4 shopping anymore.. i asked my sis.. nk blk x?? ( dat's what happen to me if i dont have the mood).. 2 my sis, Sorry!!

Then, I came back home.. "eager" to check.. actually nervous.. but the sooner i know the better.
But my dad plak xde. I called him he said that die kua mnm jap ngn my other siblings.. ayh ni..hmm. Luckily, I dun have 2 wait so long.

Finally, I checked it. Alhamdullilah.. my gpa for last sem is above 3.5 :) After this, i'll have to maintain it.. kne struggle lg bcoz nex sem is getting tougher..

p/s : to my sis, nnt kakyong bwk awk shopping ari laen ek.. so sorry..

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