Friday, January 23, 2009

too early

what izzit dat's 2 early?? My final exam result.. Usually MMU akn kuarkn result on the 3rd week.. But for this time it happened on 2nd week of my hols..haih!!

I actually went out with my sis to go shopping & watch movie. Then after I finished watching, Neera a.k.a my roomate texted me. " Result da kua".. After dat she called me..asking me bout my result.. I told her " kte x check lg.. kat JJ ni..hehe". Congratz to her for her result ;). Well, i didnt have the mood 4 shopping anymore.. i asked my sis.. nk blk x?? ( dat's what happen to me if i dont have the mood).. 2 my sis, Sorry!!

Then, I came back home.. "eager" to check.. actually nervous.. but the sooner i know the better.
But my dad plak xde. I called him he said that die kua mnm jap ngn my other siblings.. ayh ni..hmm. Luckily, I dun have 2 wait so long.

Finally, I checked it. Alhamdullilah.. my gpa for last sem is above 3.5 :) After this, i'll have to maintain it.. kne struggle lg bcoz nex sem is getting tougher..

p/s : to my sis, nnt kakyong bwk awk shopping ari laen ek.. so sorry..

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sabrina halim said...

cis. wat suspense je put ni. as if result trok je. hihihi. congrats

Farra Muneera said...

wuuuu congrats Aiza!! iskk ayam brand tu ade kaitan laaa... ahahah

kite lagi 0.03 jek nak 3.5.

sob sob. xpe next sem try lagi! ;D

Farra Muneera said...

wuuuu congrats Aiza! ye la betul la ayam brand tu ade kaitan... ahahah

huuu kitenyer lagi 0.03 jek nak 3.5.
ade makne tuh. :(

xpe2 next sem buat lebih lagi!

FAR 2? aiyok. takot.

aiza aidid said...

sab : hihi.. thnx sab!!

neera : haha.. xde kaitan la ngn bende 2 awk.. xpela, ok la 2 kn..
far 2?? sgt tkot!!

mizzsyaidris said...

congratz baby


aiza aidid said...

pe r teah ni!!

ye.. thnx teah ;p


Hariq-Sha said...

babe!! congrates!! :)

aiza aidid said...

hihi.. thnx ain!! ;)