Friday, January 16, 2009

pissed off

Purpose : this is for that jerk who used to be my close fren to read it!!

while im writing (typing actually).. i feel so mad. Yesterday, i just on9.. logged in into myspace.. which haven't been updated 4 quite a long time. So, i just clicked into 1 of my so-called fren's page. Well, at 1st i saw like there's nothing new. Then, i realized that there an additional sentences at the "about me" box. Long sentences actually. Said something about changing to be a better person. As i kept on reading, suddenly i saw something which until now made me feel so pissed off. This person said that how terrible that some of his friends doesnt want to help him to study.. doesnt help him while he's in trouble. He even used dirty word to called his so-called frens.. what kinda fren is that??.. well, HELLO???? who asked u 2 ponteng all lectures? 2 cut all tutorial classes? Neither one of ur frens did asked u to do that.. Then, u questioned the way we treated u. U're the 1 who didn't appreciated the things we've done to help u. Did u even appreciate the time we spent.. Hours u know.. to teach u. After study plan was made.. suddenly a msg came in..

A : "tut" (his name) xleh dtg la.. skng ade kat 'whatever place is dat'..

I felt like cursing u rite there.. This is not like 1 time situation. It happened all the time through out my 1st & 2nd sem..i might be the quiet gal all this time.. but dat doesnt mean dat u can bullied me all the time.. u dont even know me that well.. once i dont like a certain person.. then it remains that way till 4 ever.. & now ive read ur msg at myspace saying that once u'll b successful.. u not gonna remember us.. ok fine, u r NO LONGER a fren of mine.. we'll see.. how u're gonna make it thru another 9 trimesters without me or the others.. & we'll see.. whether an apologize will come out from ur bloody damn mouth!! i wont be expecting it though. End of story.

p/s : mind da bad words im using & grammar errors..not in da mood 4 checking it. Too angry to let it be inside.

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sabrina halim said...

what a jerk. "he" ke? mcm pe je prngi. hahaha. aidid 2 pe put?

aiza aidid said...

mmg pn.. trok gler!!
die sje nk cri gdh.. ngn gal plak 2..
aidid = my dad's other name..

Farra Muneera said...

bodo punye AAAAAAA!

bengang plak kita wakk!!

memang kita nak basuh die siap2!!

jenis ambik kesempatan punya orang.

tgk la cane die nak berjaya kalau ambik kesempatan atas orang.

aiza aidid said...

taw xpe..
awk pon bengang kn..
klu die dpn kte mmg da kne sound da..
bodo je mamat 2.. huh!!!

mizzsyaidris said...

put..aku cm kenal ja..huhu

aiza aidid said...

mst ko pon knl gak sya..
MMU bkn besa mne pon..
nsb baek ak x letk nme pnh die..
klu x 1 MMU taw..
klu ak jht da wat da cm2..haha

izzahismail said...

some people just tend to blame others when they fail or etc.

they need to reflect themselves in the 1st place.

ignore saje.

aiza aidid said...

tol 2 izzah..
dat's what im trying to do..
ignore saje
abes cte :)