Sunday, January 11, 2009

recalling the memories ;)

10 years ago (1999)

>>>> i was in standard 5.. in MGS Klang.

>>>> im still a kiddo..hehe

>>>> main priority : to have fun.. watch cartoons all day long..hahaha

5 years ago (2004)

>>>> had my 1st coloured screen hp..4 my pmr present..haha

>>>> short hair cut!!

>>>> boyish.. embarrassed to admit it now..haha

2 years ago (2007)

>>>> no more free hair..hehe

>>>> starts to have crush on him :)

>>>> finish my matrix.. get to further my studies in engineering in uitm.. but im not into it..

1 year ago (2008)

>>>> starts studying in MMU Cyber, taking accounting

>>>> fascinating year with shah rizal ;)

>>>> got a car..haha

Yesterday (10th January '09)

>>>> finished my last paper.. hahaha

>>>> tdo je kot da whole day.. release tension knon pas xm..hehe

>>>> packing up my stuff.. nk blk klg 4 hols..hehe

Today (11th January '09), I..

>>>> arrived at my home swit home

>>>> starts da remote TV-conquering..wakakaka

>>>> cant wait 4 26th JAN.. hehe..

Tomorrow, I will...

>>>> clean & tidy up my wardrobe..hehe

>>>> try to wake up early.. :D

>>>> find some movies to fill in my free time..hahaha

Three snacks I enjoy

>>>> french fries

>>>> cadbury all-sort-of chocs..haha

>>>> sweetssss.. any kind..

Three things I can't live without

>>>> My family & Shah Rizal

>>>> Handphone

>>>> Laptop + the net..hehe

Three things I wanna buy with RM 1K

>>>> lotzza clothes..wakaka

>>>> new mp4

>>>> food are included rite??? haha

Three shows I like:

>>>> gilmore girls

>>>> house

>>>> disney channel ;)

Three places I've lived in
>>>> Klang

>>>> Seremban + K.Pilah

>>>> Cyberjaya

p/s : any1 can do this thing ok!!


Farra Muneera said...

wuu... your lucky coz lotsa good things happened in the past.

kalau kite.. xmo igt! byk buruk dari baik! huhuhu

tapi kan... 10 years later, kite akan state memories starting TODAY. hee

haishh... miss cyber lah.. sane tenang dan aman. tapi boleh mati akal tinggal lame2! huhuhuh

happy dating lagi!!

nadyra aiza said...

huhu.. still memories kn..
teach us 2 b better.. ;)

kte lom lg la miss cyber..haha

yup2.. tq :)

platipus said...

kite punye version lak :p
5 years ago
- almost met put for the 1st time hahahah
uhuk da terase cam da tue lak ngahahah

aiza aidid said...

almost ek amal??
kat mne 2??
suppose mse tme debate ek..
tp last2 jmpe kat mtrx!! 1 prac lak 2..hehe