moved out

January 07, 2009

current location : my room in townhouse cyberia

it's still raining outside.. da lapa ni.. hehe. Actually i just moved into a new room.. about last week.. on saturday maybe.. all my stuff pon x abes kms lg.. not included yg ade kat umh lame 2 lg.. to the owner: nnt sy amek ye kat sne all the stuff yg tggl ek aunty..hehe..

i dont know how my stuff get so overloaded during just a year.. maybe i ske amek sume brg2 dr umh & x bwk blk da pas2..haha. So, using my mom's car as the transport 2 moved all the stuff.. it even take 2 trips.. haha!!

my mum : pe kamu bwk ni smpi 2 kli g ulang alik.. bert da kete ni..

me: xtaw la.. rse xde bwk byk sgt brg mule2 smpi dlu.. abes la kete jazz die jd cm lori pndh brg..hehe

Actually i planned to move out after my final xm finished. But last week, my parents take a leave for the whole week.. so they think why not just move out rite then. bgs gak, ade org tolg pndh brg.. if not abes la i..hahaha.

So, thnx 2 my mum especially 4 helping me to move out that day.. & also mr megat yg jd tukang angkt brg i.. he's my lil bro.. tp kne blnje die smtg.. x ikhls tol bdk ni..hehe

till my next post..daa~

p/s : still have 1 more ppr 2 go.. then it's hols..wakakaka :)

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