January 20, 2009

currently: listening to The Beauty in Ugly by Jason Mraz

well.. i like that song. Give me some sort of inspiration. Made me feel beauty *perasan*.
That's not the thing i want to write about today. The above title.. is the places i once went to studied & currently studying. Each of the places i have the things which i like & dislike..haha

Firstly M.G.S ( Methodist Girls' School, Klang). This is where i started my primary school then continues my secondary. 1 thing 4 sure that i like is.. it's a girl school..hehe. I dont really interested in going to co-ed school. No offense but that's just an individual preference :) I like the friends i've known since my primary school. I'm still befriends with them until now. But that's some other thing i dislike. About the system, to learn the subjects which are not relevant.. so many to study so liltle time!! Another thing, going to school means.. have to wear all the uniforms, NO handphones ( but i brought it no matter what..haha), wake up early, have to take a bus..haih!! But 1 thing i learned is that, high school gave the preparation the basics ones.. like learned how to say "no" for certain things.. for the next step that im gonna take in my life.

High school's over. Then i went to KMNS (Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan). I went there to get my foundation studies for a year. Being far from home 4 da 1st time is not easy. 1st 2 weeks i'm having the homesick symptom. I hate that place..haha.. but not 2 long untill ive made some friends. The good thing is that i dont have to wear a uniform anymore..haha.. But the place is quite jeans allowed..hmm..xpela kn. Im okay with all that because the best part is i get along just fine with my roomate, floormates..classmates..haha. Plus, handphones ARE allowed..hihi. I love my friends back in matrix & i missed them :(

Then, came the university's life. I guess this is the best. Not the studies part because degree is tough. But the environment.. the system..made me felt lika a grown up. Everything i've gotta do on my own. Helps tha maturity process..hehe. No more classes in 8 am.. i can reshedule it according to myself.. semester no overload subjects to study. The clothes..haha.. free as long as still according to campus's rules (we've gotta have some rules rite?). I lived on my to class.. totally not like high school. But at this level, u've gotta do everything by ur own and that includes ur studies.. so being independent is necessary.

p/s : so, what about u?? which one is the best? high school, college or university?? ;p

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