Thursday, January 29, 2009

just a simple word

this is something 4 some1 who is very special in my life..
just a simple show my appreciation 2 u,
this is 4 u honey..

tq 4 all the time u spent with me,
tq 4 ur love & care 4 me,
tq 4 lending ur ears 4 my unbearable problems,
tq 2 bear with my indeterminable moodiness,
tq 4 everything u've done 4 me,
tq 4 giving me a chance to be yours,
tq 4 changing me 2 be a better person.

It's just a simple word.. to show how special u r 2 me..once again THANX my dear :)

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sabrina halim said...

geli. jiwang. hahaha

aiza aidid said...

u can laugh..
it's 4 him actually.
thnx 4 ur cmmnts neway.

Farra Muneera said...

waaa... bestnyer bercinta. kene simpan ayat-ayat nih.

akan datang kite plak. heeee ;D

aiza aidid said...

just some simple words..haha
4 u in da future k :)

izzahismail said...

haha.ok.shah must be all flattered rite now :)

nadHiraH said...

hey. u might not noe me. but im sab's cuzin. we do hv d same name tp xsame eja lak.
hehe,but ur stdying acc eh?
anyway,jus wana chat bout u taking acc coz i jus nk taw the pros n cons.
add me up in ym ea?

thx babe (;

aiza aidid said...

izzah : haha.. i think shah cm more 2 jd shy kot..hihi

nadhirah : alrite..i'll add u k!!
Thnx 4 dropping by :)

sabrina halim said...

u chat dgn my cuz ke? hihihi

aiza aidid said...

sab : yup.. she wanna ask sumting bout acc i guess