je suis un traducteur

January 14, 2009

well.. the title is in French.. that's mean i am a translator. That's what i'll be doin' 4 my sem break diz time.. hehe. Actually, my dad asked me yesterday evening..

dad : ade pape keje x cuti ni?
ira : kne kms umh je la kn..haha
dad: yg 2 x pyh buat pon xpe.. baek tolg ayh..
ira : *grinning ( yeah.. i know.. im lazy)..hehe
dad: Tolg transltekn this few pages 4 ayh.. i need it 4 my thesis..
ira : huh?????!!! ok :)

i alwayz complaining that it was so bored doin nothing this hols rite.. so finally.. ive got some jobs to do. erm.. so agreed to help my dad. AND.. i didnt asked 4 any tips (money!!)..baek la knon..hehe.
Then, he gave me the book.. OMG!! tebal gle.. ble nk abes ni??? haha

caption : The Globalization of World Politics.. erm.. "ayah, ira sggup kms whole umh
4 three week"..haha.

Of coz i would not say that.. For few minutes, i yawned..hehe. But i dont mind helping him. Im used to it by now. He done a lot 4 me. Thnx Ayah!!. Actually, it's quite fun helping him. i already used to be his translator since i was in Form 3.. yup.. that's true!! I even help his friends to translate 2. Maybe, old ppl (should i say folks?? ) doesnt want to open their dictionary 2 often.. Anyway, i also been known to them as "aidid's translator".. To those uncles, i do have name ok..haha.

Comparing to the book above, i already set my eyes to the books in pic below :

so, i have to finished up my job.. to get my hands on those books fast!! haha

p/s : gotta go.. lots of work to da.. till then.. daa~

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