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January 11, 2009

current mode : 100 % pure relaxation..

i woke up at 8.. caused by the sound of my alarm.. ( if x of coz lg lmbt kot bgn)..hehe.. so agk rushing coz i dont want to be late.. the reason is.. let's see the conversation on phone between me & my mum last nite..

she : ira, kamu blk kul bape sok?
me : erm.. pagi la kot. nape ek?
she : klu x larat nk drive, mama leh amek.
me : xpe2.. ira leh drive.. dkt je..
she : b creful.. byk lori & others kat highway 2...
me : ok..
she : jgn ok2 je.. bwk elok2..
me : smiling.. ye ma.. hihi..

i know that she worried bout me.. but until when.. she'll have 2 let me sort everything out by myself..im gonna be 21 diz yr.. like my dad said.. " die da besa.. so, let her be. thnx ayah.. hehe.

yup..i went out from my apartment like almost 9.. hopefully x byk kete lg.. tp i was pretty sure.. highway elite x byk kete pon..

caption : like it said.. sumwhere around cyber..

after bout 50 mins of driving.. then.. i reached
caption : this place is so jammed during peak hour..

luckily i reached Klang around 10 kot.. 1 more thing i wanna share.. when i was driving from Cyber until Shah Alam.. it was OK.. but.. masuk je KLANG, it's like chaos.. seriously, there's 1 car driving really close to mine.. what if suddenly i brake?? it was stupid.. driving like that.. if kne my car.. x ke cm menyusahkan org len.. i think attitude of klang's driver mmg worse. I may even rethink if i want to settled down in klang after this.. hmm.. plus all the construction in the middle of the town.. i can just say dat it's too hectic to live here.. & it's too hot..haha..

finally, after i stucked in i-dunno-how-many mins-jammed is.. i reached the place i was eager to come..

p/s : i love being at home..haha..

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