Saturday, January 10, 2009

exam's over

yeay!! FINALLY.. final exam is over..

well.. today i sat 4 my last paper ; Quantitative more like stats fyi.. so it's a calculation subject>>> it's not a problem 2 me.. unless i did some careless mistake..then im done.. hopefully not.. :)

for the other 2 subjects>> Finance & Man. Comm..erm.. to scared to target anything.. not now.. maybe i just wait 4 da results. So enough of all the stories about exam..hehe

the holidays plan are as below :

>>> format my laptop.. it takes like 4ever to start.. hurmmm..
>>> downloading movies ( in other words, find dat chinese guy who usually sell cd to me..haha)
>>> extra sleeps..of coz..ble lg kn..hehe
>>> hang out wif fren??? which fren of mine yg cuti mse MMU cuti.. haih!!
>>> my car nk kne mandi.. sian da lme x mnd..haha
>>> find new mp4.. maybe>>> depends on the budget
>>> find xtra money.. any ideas guys??? hehe

p/s : i cant wait 4 tmrrw.. i'll be driving back to my hometown.. sgt bosan ok kat cyber ni..haha.. to MMU students, njoy ur hols!!


platipus said...

eeee put
mase cuti ari tu pon
2 3 kali gak kite buat keje reformat tu
fuhhh penat
n macam2 lagi hahahahah

nadyra aiza said...

owh.. yeke..
le r tolg formatkn lappie kte..hehe
free ek amal?? hahaha

platipus said...

ahahah memang la free
bukannye kene pakai duit
asalkan put ade die punye driver
keje kite senang siket :p
bile nak datang anta B-)
bawak sekali cd windows
kalau put ade la hohohoh

nadyra aiza said...

hehe.. ade kot sume 2..
tol ke free?? kte maen2 je nk free 2..haha
nnt la kte cnfrmkn nk dtg anta ble..
tme amal fre la kn ;)