exam's over

January 10, 2009

yeay!! FINALLY.. final exam is over..

well.. today i sat 4 my last paper ; Quantitative Analysis..is more like stats fyi.. so it's a calculation subject>>> it's not a problem 2 me.. unless i did some careless mistake..then im done.. hopefully not.. :)

for the other 2 subjects>> Finance & Man. Comm..erm.. to scared to target anything.. not now.. maybe i just wait 4 da results. So enough of all the stories about exam..hehe

the holidays plan are as below :

>>> format my laptop.. it takes like 4ever to start.. hurmmm..
>>> downloading movies ( in other words, find dat chinese guy who usually sell cd to me..haha)
>>> extra sleeps..of coz..ble lg kn..hehe
>>> hang out wif fren??? which fren of mine yg cuti mse MMU cuti.. haih!!
>>> my car nk kne mandi.. sian da lme x mnd..haha
>>> find new mp4.. maybe>>> depends on the budget
>>> find xtra money.. any ideas guys??? hehe

p/s : i cant wait 4 tmrrw.. i'll be driving back to my hometown.. sgt bosan ok kat cyber ni..haha.. to MMU students, njoy ur hols!!

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