2009 :)

January 01, 2009

well.. it's already.. 645 pm on 1st JAN 09..

every1 starts 2 make new resolutions..some of them are really long.. well.. gud 4 them.. but 4 me, i dont have a lists of resolutions.. just a few simple ones..

1) ive gotta learn how 2 manage my time.. especially when it's the time when there is loads of works 2 do.. hopefully.. hehe

2) less napping time.. seriously!! this has to be done.. maybe in 1 or 2 month later i'll get use with lesser sleeping time..haha

3) maintains my result.. well this one is quite tough.. but i will try.. :)

those 3 above, already hard 4 me to get them done.. i wonder how on earth.. the ppl out there with a longer list get their resolutions done.. sometimes the listed point just stay on the list.. & then carry forward to next year.. well, that's the usual situation rite?? haha.. no offence to any1, i just wonder why make a new list when the previous list is not fully accomplish.. but hey, it's ur option.. not mine :)

lastly, i hope it's not 2 late 2 wish every1.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

p/s : gudbye 2008.. well..holla 2009.. may it be 1 nicest year!!

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