Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ups and Downs

Today is the last day of the year. 2009. And also happens to be my parent's anniversary. Their 8030 days. (convert it yourself pls..hehe)

- just normal year for me.
- 2nd year of my degree. and now I've finished my 2nd year.
- I am officially 21. ;)
- I've had the chances of meeting up the boyfriend a few times this year. Grateful for that ;)
- Meeting the girls of my practicum ( matrix class). Happy!
- The best birthday.. not many people but full of loved ones. Just the way I like.
- New handphone..hahaha!
- my result.. maintained.. alhamdullilah.
-This year ended with family vacation to Hot Springs Resort, Perak.

One thing I've learned in this year:
- Friends do come and go. And I now understand the meaning of real friendship. It's okay I don't have a lot of friends. It's okay I'm not popular. But the friends I have now is more than enough.

So, good bye 2009 and welcome 2010..
Please be a very nice year for me ;)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Half of My Day Gone Now.. For Good

Hi! What u guys do on Christmas Day? I mean, those who're not celebrating it. :)

My day is good. I went with my mum to pick up my sis at UKM today and I spent half of my day at Bangsar.
Bangsar Village.. boring dah! haha.. Except the dining spots there are superb. Inclusive the price factor here..hehe.

So, I went to Basil, Thai Food restaurant. And I ended up eating Spaghetti Black Pepper with seafood. It is super super super hot! (pedas gler okay.. berpeluh gler time makan)

it looks like mi goreng je..haha!

seafood platter.. nice!

supposed to snap X'mas tree.. slh snap..sorry..haha

what do u guys think they are? guess guess! haha

non-related pic for the post..hehe ;p

After we reached Klang, we went to the hospital to visit my uncle. He undergone an operation. Yes, he's in pain. I understood well because I experienced that before.

So, just wandering around and snap this below pic.. please tell me you'll see something in that pic.
It's not that clear. Look closely.. you'll see it.

Rainbow at last =))
p/s : I love happy ending

Friday, December 25, 2009

Stare at Them, Pick Them Now

First - Natural born leader, High achiever, On-Time, Responsible, Bossy, Know-It-All, Organized, Adult-pleaser, Obeys the Rules

Second- Flexible, Easy-Going, Peace-Maker, Independent, Secretive, Social, May Feels Life Unfair, Strong negotiator, Generous

Last- Risk-taker, Outgoing, Creative, Self-centered, Financially irresponsible, Competitive, Bored easily, Likes to be pampered, Sense of Humour

So which one do u like? And most of it.. which one r u like? hehe

First born child.. Seems perfectionist yet intimidating. Sounds bored too and way too mature.
Well guess what.. I am the eldest. haha! And yes, I admit, most of it quite true.

But I don't always obey the rules.. well.. not during my teens days to be exact..hehe ;D
Bossy.. yes maybe.. but I rather call it 'bullying". See, the thing is, I always ask my youngest sister to take anything for me. Yeah..yeah bossy big sister I am.. But I'm her favorite sister!! Ask her if u don't believe..hehe
Usually I would ask her to take the drinks in the fridge for me, take my car keys, play games with me.. ;)

Know-it-all?? I'm not that perfect. This maybe happens because I have more experienced than my siblings do. But doesn't make me right all the time. And all of u, 1st born child out there. Doesn't mean u're the eldest u knows everything ok! Your other siblings have feelings 2 ;)

Ok, what else.. on-time, yup.. i don't like being late, natural leader?? since when.. i only lead my group for assignments..hehe. High achiever.. insyaallah ;) Organized? Yeah maybe..I am.

See, u guys know something about me.. And u can self check yourself too huh?

us.. 10 years ago..1999

us.... now.. recently.. current.. 2009 pics

See, no matter what no r u in ur family, your siblings do complete you. I love having them! Seriously :)

p/s : And I found someone who have the "LAST" traits and I love HIM.. despite the different traits we have. It balances I guess..hehe

Thursday, December 24, 2009

And Now I Say Yes!!

Lazy. Relax. Wandering around. Loitering?? the last one not gonna do it ;)

I finished my final exams this morning and right now I'm at home already. I'm on my 3 weeks holidays. So, for this time being I'll enjoy the moment. Because, next sem I predicted I'll be having stresses. Lotsa them! But, now let's talk about holidays!

I've got plenty of plans in my hands right now. So here are they:

1) Hang out with the sisters. Planning to watch Alvin & The Chipmunks 2. Best x korang rase? Btw, I've promised the youngest sis to bring her to that movie. So, basically, I must go. hehe

2) I've got reunion with my MGS schoolmates probably on the 28th. Well, it's confirmed but the date has not been decided yet. So, I'll be waiting. I guess? But I'm thinking that, I don't really wanna go. These girls I knew but not really close to them. How I wish u are here Sabrina Halim! :(
Could I have reunion with my matrix's girlfriends instead??? Hmmm..

3) Family VACATION to Hot Springs Resort. This one I'll be waiting for a long time.. can't wait!

4) Bake blueberry cheesecake. and of course the cupcakes. You guys have read the entry previously about the Pastry Day entry. It's something like that. But I want to do it with my sister for my parent's anniversary.. :)

5) Play the piano. Again. I dont have time when the sem starts, so this is the only time I have to dream on as pianist. haha!

6) Do some arts. Not drawing! I suck at it. But something with beads and buttons. My sisters bought them around RM 80 plus.. So, ade banyak giler. And I'm gonna make full use of them. Hee!

7) Play sports. One of the things I love most. Mostly badminton la kan with my dad. But I want to shoot some balls. So netball please??? hehehe

8) Watch the downloaded movies plus all sort of TV series. Watch until the eyes sore. Yeay!

9) Update blog more often?? heheheeh

10) Food shopping! No no.. I'm not on any diet. So, I'm gonna eat all the food I'm craving and try some new ones. I'll let you guys know what is good then okay? The best partner for this is my chubby cute sister.. since the boyfriend had gone back to his campus.. jgn jeles ek syg..hehe

p/s : Okay. Nk tido. Penat sgt2 dah! nite people :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Which Face R You?

Faces all around the exam hall.

Happy. Sad. Frustrated. Excited. Neutral??? Neural means.. no komen, xtaw la.. tah la..

What about me? Lets just said.. it's really advanced audit paper. Really hopeful it’ll be okay.Okay is more than enough for paper like Professional Ethics.

One more paper to go. And then holidays 3 weeks.Will update soon ok guys.. with the plans for the break.I've gotta lotsa them..teehee :D

Hah! I forgot one more thing. I hate invigilators that supposed to go round the exam hall but instead of that they are making noises..such as answering the phone and talk with such annoying voice. Hello!! people are trying to answer exam paper y'know.. haih.

p/s: Emo sket. Exam week. Ignore me. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

PDA... Gross!

Holding hands.. oh sweetsss!
Quick peck on the cheeks.. yes!!!
Bear hug.. cute ;)

Well.. all above are A okay with me.. even when u're in public. But there are still people who don't bother to set a limit on their privacy. Lip-locking, groping each other what-so-ever and your tongue at each others' throats, in the middle of the crowd? That's for me.. triple gross!

What for u want to show to the world of your love affairs? Believe us, we don't want to know..furthermore to have the experience of looking at it. Urghh!

So, now, I want to check out the couple at the cafe near my room.. are they already done with their business there? My eyes are sore with the views..haha! For god sake's we're in CAMPUS people!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dude! You Are Really Rude!

1st, my day is really bad. Woke up early, to make the online registration for subjects next sem, and I'm financially barred. WTH??? I paid the hostel fees and signed the MARA invoice (yup, i'm sponsored by them). Why barred me? Simply because I didn't inform the Finance division I already done all that. Before this, it's not worked that way. It'll auto update everything. What happened to MMU management these days? Getting worse every day! Haih...

2nd, my groupmate (or precisely, according to HIM) suddenly asked whether I'll already include his name in my group. Okay! let me rephrase it. This guy, who I don't know his name, don't know what he looks like, don't even come to my meetings, operation days and also the presentation day! And now, few days before the finals, he begging me to include him in the group. But, this is not in my hand alone to decide. Majority wins and the other group members won't allow him. I informed him bout it. Messages received all sounded with anger and the last text he sent to me was "Fuck off Bitch!"

Well, to get on my nerve u have to do more than those words. Sorry, dealing with org hati kering like me, not gonna changed my decisions. As a senior and a guy, u should be ashamed of yourself. You are 1 really very rude guy I've ever met in my life. Seriously!
But few last words for u dude, GO TO HELL! Okay! da le cool down blk ;)

Want to be cooler..look down some more.. (err.. I mean scroll down more..hehe)


Monday, December 14, 2009

Title..title..title.. xnak letak boleh?

Until my busy mode turned 0,
until i study well for everything,
until i finished my exam,
until i settle my registration for subjects next sem,
until i'll be home again for the break..
until all that,

i'll be on hiatus.

p/s: pic above.. not related. i just love it. taken with my old hp. ;)
any1 familiar with that place?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm Hot Cutie With A Sexy Smile Who Cuddled With a Porn Star because I Had To.

First, add "I'm a/an" on your title, then add the rest of the answers on as
you do the questions.

Tag 10 people tag the person who tagged you.

What color/kind of socks are you wearing?
[ ] Red = loud
[ ] Green = stupid
[ ] None = freaky
[ ] Fuzzy = gorgeous
[ ] Yellow = innocent
[ ] Purple = a little too happy
[ ] Black = emo
[ ] Stripes = funny
[ ] Gray = skanky
[ ] Pink = preppy
[ ] Light blue = sweaty
[ ] Other = hot
[ ] White = sexy

What kind of pants are you wearing?
[ ] Shorts = cutie
[ ]Skirt/skort = skank
[ ]Corduroy = faggot homosexual
[ ]Tight jeans = scene kid
[ ]Ripped jeans = emo
[ ]Cammo = cage fighter
[ ]Jeans = prep
[ ]Pajamas = pimp
[ ]Cargo = clown
[ ]Sweats = athlete
[ ]Boxers = brat
[ ]Booty shorts = female
[ ]Capris = Gangster
[ ]Nothing = hoe
[ ]Dickies = weirdo
[ ]Bikini bottoms = tiki girl
[ ]Other = sex addict

What is your natural hair color?
[ ]Auburn = that every one wants to make out with
[ ]Blonde = with a broken heart
[ ]Black = with a sexy smile
[ ]Dark brown = with a hot boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ]Red = that likes to have fun
[ ]Brown = who loves to be different
[ ]Dirty blonde= with a nice ass
[ ]Bald = with herpes

Pick the month you were born on:
[ ]1 = who ate
[ ]2 = who needed
[ ]3 = who killed
[ ]4 = who shot
[ ]5 = who killed
[ ]6 = who smoked with
[ ]7 = who banged
[ ]8 = who ran shirtless with
[ ]9 = who got stabbed horribly by
[ ]10 = who cuddled with
[ ]11 = who slept with
[]12 = who ran naked with

Pick the day you were born on:
[ ]01 = the kool-aid man
[ ]02 = a dog
[ ]03 = a shoe
[ ]04 = a toothbrush
[ ]05 = Santa Claus
[ ]06 = The Trojan man
[ ]07 = my ex-es
[ ]08 = a prostitute
[ ]09 = a porn star
[ ]10 = a bag of weed
[ ]11 = paris hilton
[ ]12 = a glass of milk
[ ]13 = a horse
[ ]14 = a lesbian
[ ]15 = a stripper
[ ]16 = a pickle
[ ]17 = a jew
[ ]18 = a homo
[ ]19 = an orange
[ ]20 = my mom
[ ]21 = a homeless guy
[ ]22 = a whore
[ ]23 = my crush
[ ]24 = an easter egg
[ ]25 = a jar of honey
[ ]26 = a condom
[ ]27 = a bowl of cereal
[ ]28 = a french fry
[ ]29 = your dealer
[ ]30 = my lover
[ ]31 = your grandma

Pick the color of the shirt you are wearing
[ ]White = because I love marijuana
[ ]Black = because I'm sexy as hell
[ ]Pink = Because the lil people told me to
[ ]Blue = because I have AMAZING boobs
[ ]Red = because I'm a pimp and your jealous
[ ]Polka Dots = because I hate my life
[ ]Purple = because I'm gay
[ ]Gray = because I got dared
[ ]Other = because that's how I roll
[ ]Green = because I'm good in bed
[ ]Orange = because I smoke crack
[ ]Turquoise = because I have a noodle in my nose
[ ]Brown = because I had to
[ ]Shirtless = because I've got abs

sorry people. I know the title make u want to scroll down more.. to find pics maybe? naughty huh u guys? haha.

I'm taking a time-out from studying and found this tag in one of the blogs I followed.

Seriously, i'm not a hot cutie. And I do not hug a porn star in any circumstances. EVER! that's disgusting ;p

So try la! it's fun.
Ok. back to the books! ;D

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Did I hurt u or what?

I realized I'm short of one follower.
Have i done something in my post to hurt u?
My words are offensive?
My apologies if that's happened.
I am loud when I'm giving my opinion.
That's my nature.
Well, guess what..
I'm not here to be perfect,
I can't satisfied every single readers.
Feel free to follow.
There's no such thing that u need to be my followers to read my blog.
It's open to every1.
And, I always response to every single of my readers..

OK, da penat.. mls nk layan..
pls don't have the attitude of "if u follow mine, i'll do the same".
It's showed u're not sincere to blog.

Till then, tc people ;)

Caffeine-addict & junk-food lover

Well.. that's me.

I must have at least a cup of coffee in a day.
If not, something is not right.
Very very bad habit y' know.
But, hey! my teeth ain't yellowish..hahaha!
The coffee.. not too dark..
preferably white coffee.. hehe! ( yes, the old town one pls) ;D
I have this habit since I was 12 or 13..
I see my parents drink them all the time.
So i did tried to make myself feel adult..haha
Guess what the habit stuck with me.. till NOW!
Old habits did died hard (probabaly never will) ;p

The junk food??
Any kind will do for me.. Home-made or outside ones..
It's fine.
Kids, it's not healthy u know..
But, it's been a long time since I ate all these..
Only yesterday.. I can't really hold myself..
against my hunger for burger..(it rhymed..haha!)

Yellow thing = pepper. Substitutes for pickles. I hate pickles!
Talk about greedy.. I made that double-cheese-pepper chicken burger :D :D

So now... I had 2 of my drugs..
I should study..

Till then people!

p/s : Should I privatize my blog??????!!!!!

At that Moment

At this time last weekend..
I woke up early,
I'm excited more than any other days,
Because I was gonna meet him ;)

Last weekend..
I drove back and forth,
Just to see u,
And serious I don't mind at all,
And u too honey,
Quite a long trip kan?
from 9 am untill 5pm..
just to meet me..
thank youuuuuuu ;))))

U're in UTM and i'm in MMU,
The distance sometimes
makes me wonder,
what would it'll be like
if we're in the same university
(cakap cam x penah 1 matrix..hehe),
But as u said,
we're not as other couples,
we're special, we're best..
yes.. we are indeed.. hehe

The shirts, the chocolates,
and all the treats..
tenkiu syg ;)

p/s : btw, new moon and ninja assassin, pls.. the latter is nicer people! Sorry kat org sebelah, baju asyik kene tarik2..hahaha. I'm allergic to bloody movie especially darah yg melampau banyaknye.. hehe

some people (lots actually) said we look alike. are we???? hehe ;)

tq again for eveything syg,
like u said,
last weekened..
definitely our best one!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hey! He's Way too Cute

Hey, YOU!!
u're cute..
Way too cute..
The way u dance,
Makes me want to watch u more..
Mr. Boyfriend.. jangan jeles..
We'll watch this cutey nanti ek.. hehe

So... who am I talking about??
These chipmunks.. especially theodore.. the chubby one with green shirts..
and they now got girlfriends?? wahaha.. cute!

I've got a date for this movie already!! with my sis.. hmmm..haha

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Superbusy Week is So Yesterday


Yes, I dont smile a lot. I DO laugh like hell..haha
See, that's what happened to me when I have finished the superbusy week mode. For this post, u guys wanna know what I've been blabbing around telling most every1 I knew that I was busy last week?

Here it is..


For my previous post I did mentioned something about my project for Cyberpreneurship subject right? So above are the some of the pics of my "employees" (haha.. no lah.. my groupmates, during the operation days). Yes, we do set up a small booth selling pastries. My regular customers.. well are the lecturers..some would buy more than 4.. and gives xtra tips..wahaha!
So, the friends whom missed my booth, sorry, u're not able to taste the delicious tarts and brownies..hehe. To those whom came buy and support, millions of thanx!! hehe

the CEO.. hahaha

It's damn tiring. Getting the suppliers, driving to get the materials and equipment.. bla bla bla..
But it's kinda fun. Maybe one day, i'll have real business on my own. If I fed-up working in audit firm.. (ckp cam dpt keje kat audit firm..but hopefully i will..hihi)

Actually, that caption.. it's a joke. I'm counting the profit actually.. hehe ($_$)
And, we make quite a lot of profit for our business.. That's really worth it!

So, all the presentations are done, and so do the assignments.
All I need to be worry is the finals. Wish me luck people.. ;)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

Well.. when I'm in the mood to blog.. I guess it does show. There would sometimes be more than a post per day.

Now.. let's take a look at this pic ok people..

What can I say? The lady in the pic (not the one named Nadyra Aiza.. that's me), is my class teacher. My STANDARD 4 teacher! Well that was in the year 1998.. so almost 11 years now, huh? Opps.. accidentally make u guys easier to calculate my age.. damn it.. haha

I never expected her to remember me. I wonder how can she even recognize me.. I did not put my full name in facebook, my face obviously changed. Plus, I'm an introvert, shy, quiet student during my childhood days. What I can guess is that, maybe because I played netball for my class and school..and quite a studious student.. (dulu je ok.. da time degree jd da opposite..haha!)

But, thanx ckg.. da la still kenal sy, adik sy pn ckg perasan gak..hehe! Btw, my youngest sis is still in that school.. but we're nothing alike. Believe me! :D

Let's Play Some Mysterious Games

Sorry readers.. followers.. annonymous readers.. I havent update for quite a few days. I'm so busy last week. Updates about that later ok? Lotsa pics actually ;)

Currently : Editing mode for my professional ethics assignment. Suke2! almost finish.. teehee! :D

But, before that.. this is something I found from nuffnang last week. About the sherlock holmes free movie passes right.. I've found the image. Yeah.. I know many bloggers had also discovered it right.. but to those who havent try la! It's not that difficult and u dont have to be a genius to figure the blogs which these images been hidden.

purposely hide the site's url..hehe

But but but.. u guys can ask me the sites url if u want to. I'm not kedekot..haha. Seriously, I have no intention to enter this contest and win the free tickets because if im not mistaken the premiere nite would be on 22nd Dec which by the way the week I'm having my finals. So, less a competitor and u stand a greater chance to win it. So, cepat2.. ask me the link for those sites.. hehe. But, sometimes u need to go there twice because it's hidden sometimes. :)))

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sorry People.. New Moon is off the Fever..

People talk about new moon non-stop. Sometimes it's getting annoying already.
Sorry.. I'm not the fanatics fans. Plus, I heard it's boring. The book isn't but the movie yup.
Why not consider this movie instead??

Sherlock Holmes. I Like this. Really really really now.. it is my type of movie.. Such a wit! hehe
Gonna watch it on X'mas. ;D :D :D

p/s : drag ur cursor after 0.12

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is What We Called P.A.S.T.R.Y day!

Oh no no no! It's not the project I blogged about on the previous post. This is just some fun activities with the family. Well, everyone blogged about their raya's rite. I have mine as well but my own style.

My mum in the mood for baking. So all sort of things she wants to do. She's rarely cook because busy with work and we dont mind eating out. Really!! hehe. But when she cooked or baked it'll be superb!! But at last only the cupcakes and the pie. :)

Too tired actually to talk.. eh I mean type.. so just scroll down and take a look at the pics ok? ;)

my mum's and I did ;p

Totally by mama la kan..haha

Men in the family busy icing-ing the cakes. haha!

Icing-guy of the day! he's my dad..hihi

Hello cuties! ;)

X cntk. So what.. it's his initial..hehe :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sweetest Thing U've Ever Tasted

Disclaimer: pics for promo purpose.

See those food? Mouth-watering right? hehe. It's for my Cyberpreneurship project. So guys, help me to get A ok. Come to my booth and taste them yourself. I guaranteed it is delicious because I'm not compromising on their tastes. :)

My group's flyer is not this one. I'm doing this to promote it in my blog for you readers. If u happen to be at Cyberjaya during that time next week do visit me. Plus, the price is reasonable. Student rate price!

Daily Crappy Post

Well, hello readers! It's been a while since I post the daily updatesss.. so here now.. u can read my crappy entry. I'm not a regular to post something like this you know..haha ;P

What I do this week?

Monday I was busy revising the chapters for mid term.. busy but still have time to download movies+facebooking but not blogging.. i don't have a clear mind at that time only tension..hehe.

Tuesday, start with the Public Sector Accounting mid term.. well about about the test.. it ok-ok la kot.. ;p

Wednesday, let's start with I blew off the premiere screening of New Moon at Cineleisure but end up hanging out with roommate and frens at Alamanda since 3pm until 10 pm. But, like they said, it's a girls day out and I did watched a good movie and filled my tummy with good food. Plus the gossip! Fun fun fun. ;p

Tomorrow.. Go to class and then drive straight back home.
Ahah.. lame gler x blk umah. I miss my room.. haha!

Oh.. I miss u You :(

Monday, November 23, 2009

If Today Was Your Last Day

To those who had done nothing in their life
To those who's an opportunist
To those who're furious
To those who lost something precious
To those who been taken advantage on
And same goes to those who lost their faith....

It means something to me.
Dont u think?

p/s : It's got nothing to do with 2012 influence. I haven't watch it yet. haha!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Forgone One a better One will Come

I should be on hiatus. Should be studying. Unfortunately, I cant stay away too long from my blog. haha!

I just checked my email. And I found this..

Thanx nuffnang! BUT..

Ala, it's on weekdays la plak. And I'm not sure I can make it. Besides, I cant be driving there alone. So anyone care to join me? Tell me a.s.a.p. ( u must be a girl ok..) Edward Cullen's fans perhaps?

Hey roomate, jom ikot i nk? (gile ckp sorg2).. ;p
Sab, jom tmnkn i nk.. Owh lupe u kat Egypt.. hehe
Amal, jom new moon! Italicowh lupe die ade date..kahkahkah!

See, pathetic sgt.. sume kwn jauh2! haish.. :( (joking!) haha

But most probably I wont confirm it and just give it to other bloggers ( yes.. i baek i taw!..hahaha) forgone this one.. And watch it with YOU. da janji kan..hehe

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Luck & I'll be on Hiatus

What about the gud luck??
Specially delivered to my only bro
Gud luck for ur SPM handsome boy..
(ko xhensem pon.. saje je ckp..haha)
9A's and there'll be something 4 u..
(xde kakyong nk bg ko PSP go.. byk la sgt dwet ak kn..haha)
But something la kan.. ;p
Jgn wat2 x bace blog ni.. senyap2 bace mcm xtaw plak.. haha!


I am currently busy.
Mid Term next week
And the other week.
Assignmentsssssss... haha!
So readers, bare with me.



Monday, November 16, 2009

Award and the Tag

Thanx Ida 4 the tagged.
Nsb baek kte tgh rjn ptg2 cmni nk wat..haha

First of all, Rules and regulations:
  • Writes 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
  • Job down 10 interesting facts about yourself and your hobbies.
  • Pick your 10 more deserving recipients and then describe them
  • Leave a comment on the recipients box and tell them that they have been tagged.
  • Paste this award badge in your sidebar.
xnk letak kat side bar la! mls plak..hehe

5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
1) Die classmate sye kat Mmu.
2) She's taken n bf die pon classmate sye..haha
3)Her blog most of it psl fashion and yes.. she's got style
4) Die ade kucing yg comey2.. i wish i'm not catphobic.. ;)
5) Owh.. kat hostel ni pon die 1 level with me but laen2 wing..haha

10 interesting facts about yourself and your hobbies.
1) I don't have lotsa friends but the best friends I've got now is the best
2) I like english novels, classic or modern I like both!
3) I prefer staying at home rather than go out shopping
4) I hate crowded places
5) I like musics.. play instruments. both piano + guitar
6) I can be cynical and got problem with my temper BUT only to those who go beyond my limit
7) I like to make friends but I realized they always come and go. But some do stay until now :)
8) Quiet but talkative to those yg mmg I da lame knl
9) Happily taken by Shah Rizal =))
10) Owh yes.. current obssessions : penuhkan external disk dgn movies and play sports.

Pick your 10 more deserving recipients and then describe them
1) Sya - Sbb ko rumet aku yg best ;p
2) Amal - Xtaw la amal nk wat ktne bnd ni..haha. but bcoz u're there when I need u ;p
3) Syu - One of the best friends I've said above ;)
4) Sab - My very very best friends
5) Keoi - My cousin yg talkative..hahaha! But he's my good listener and advisor
6) I dont want to limit until 10.. so sbb I'm in a generous mood today.. so this award goes to all my followers as well ;)))

p/s : owh.. followers increased. thanx ppl. I know my blog boring! haha

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'll Do As I Promise

It's not easy for u
And I'm sorry for your lost..
I do understand that
Be strong syg
I know u will
It's breaking my heart to see u sad
It's hard 4 me
It's even harder for u
I know it takes time

I promise to make u feel a little bit better
Just so u know
I'm here 4 u
I'm not going anywhere
Just as I promise I will
U know that kan syg?

-this entry no need for comments-

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back in The Game

The things I've let go in the past..
I've got it back now.
The reasons I've let go of it before,
Let it remains within myself only.
I made the wrong decisions few years back,
And I'm not letting myself repeat that again.

5 years ago..
I was a pro player,
Played for school,
Played for district,
The court is mine,
The ball is my best friend,
One simple mistake,
Destroyed it all...

The court is different now,
So are the players,
My team-mates had changed.
Myself changed too,
My skills had worn off,
The ball refused to get in my hand.
But not my passion.
The urge to play again keep bugging me,
The confidence I've lost before,
The guts I buried deeply
now came out of nowhere..
So, get ready..
I'm back in the game
And I do not intend to destroy it this time..
My second chance :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

The first time I've read Twilight, I said hell is awesome! I cant stop flipping from one page to the next..cant wait to see (actually cant wait to read the ending part of each books) :D
Then, move on to the second one, New Moon and straight to Eclipse then Breaking Dawn. I've finished the series already and I knew the ending. Don't ask me what happen in the last book. I won't tell ya! haha.
But but but.. I would like to watch the Saga in movies. I don't get the chance to watch Twilight in cinemas last year. So, for New Moon I want to do so. I watched the trailer in July. Man, I can't wait!!

What I really like about Twilight Saga is that the story keeps on each book keep on getting more exciting! I remembered I don't even bother to facebooking/blogging/ etc just to keep on reading those. Well, I called that time "Crushing-Era towards the Cullens"/ more likely towards Edward.. hahaha! I like the way this series distracted me from doing something that wasted my time.

Well, in the movie, Edward the vampire is handsome but Jacob the......... (find out yourself..hehe) is also hot!! hehe. I can't decide which one is more handsome so in this saga, can I choose to like them both? :D
Not just that, I also like how I can daydreamed about being Bella! Hey, a girl can dream okay! hahaha.

But, most of all, I like the saga because is different from normal versions vampires movies which usually full of sucking/drinking mouthful of blood.

12 more days!!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

PhotoScape v3.4; It's Easier

Everyone knows about Photoshop. But to purchase it, u need money. Unless u're a pro and need it for ur work, u'll be likely to download the trial version rather then buy it. Well, I did that once.

But I just downloaded PhotoScape at CNET, another image editor which is likely not gonna make u growl and scowl to learn it ;) and it's free. It's so convenient compare to other free version of image editor like GIMP or Paint.Net

I forgot to mention, it's not only for photo editing. U can make slide show, printing to whatever size or pattern u want. Multipurpose software.

And I edited this pic about 10mins only. Simple!

1st step - You go to CNET and download the software.

2nd step - Start using it. On top u'll see all sort of functions. To edit pics, u click editor

Start page

3rd step - On your left, there are folders of files. Select a pic.

4th step - To add more effects on ur pic, click filter > lists of effects will be shown. U can add more than an effects to ur pic. Just one effect at a time.
e.g : I choose vigneting.

5th step - Click vigneting > a box will appear > checked from an effect to as many effects u want.

Additional step (If u want to add more effects to ur pic)

Filter > Select an effect again
e.g : This time I chose film effect

Click > a box would appear > select effect

make sure u check preview. To see the direct effect.

To add a frame to ur pic.

Click frame > list of frames.

e.g : I chose film strip.

Then, u may resize the pic > select any size u want.
Last - Save. U may find the edited pic in the folder u saved the original pic.

Note: I used other effects too; colourize + antique pic. But the steps are the same. All u may find by clicking filter.

Someone special in my life...

p/s : Click pics for clearer view.