yes man.

December 22, 2008

the above pic the latest movie i've watched.. last saturday. It's not the 1st option but twilight is no longer in the cinema.. alamanda gsc.. so that morning ive browsed thru the cinema site. well.. i've found 2 movies quite interesting.. ive thru both of the movies' sypnosis.. first.. we've decide to watch HISTERIA.. but i dun have the courage..haha.. plus, i nk drive mlm2 to seremban back.. well.. x payahla tgk cte antu kn..hehe

yeah.. bout the story>>> it's hillarious.. well.. it's jim carrey as the lead actor.. so u can expect it's a comedy movie.. hihi. It's about a man.. he works at a bank or financial organization kot. He's da kinda guy who usually says no to everything.. but he changed after attending a something like seminar kot. Alwiz says yes to everything.. he's sort of believe if he starts to says no back, he would be in a bad luck..haha.. funny story.. sort of make u laugh all thru 1 hour plus in tha cinema ;)

p/s : it's enjoyable movie.. thnx syg.. for da 1st time.. movie kte pilih best!! hehe

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