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December 20, 2008

purpose of this post>>> kinda bored put up a post without pics..hehe.. so here comes the list:

1. FOOD!!! kinda not the healthy ones 4 sure.. let's look at the pics below..

well..hehe.. dat's 1 of my fav.. BigMac..wahaaahaa.. i'm craving 4 it ryte now..hey, it's only 11 in the mornin' junk food at this time..dat's the kinda of thing my mom would say when i was little..but now.. i live on my own.. so jap lg i g McD.. or i suh "die" je la blnje ptg nnt.. hehe..

hehe.. this is another food i lurves most..CHOCOLATES!!! ferrero rocher, cadbury, n lotz more..u named it.. i can give u my opinion bout them.. im like chocs specialist..hahaha!! well, it sort of make me happy & dreamy when i ate them.. maybe im not da kinda gals who cares bout gaining a few weight.. so i enjoyed eating this kinda food.. but to little children, DO NOT it eat 2 much.. ur teeth might be damaged by the time u only in secondary school..haha.

2. SUN & RAIN!!! ;)

I love the sun..especially during the mornin'.. it's kinda thing dat makes me wake up wif positive mind.. i dun have the reason why.. i just love it.. maybe kte dok kat M'sia kot..da bese pns..haha..

next weather, the opposite of the above..

the rain.. well i like it.. when it's not 2 heavy.. it's cool.. an easy way 2 make u fall asleep..haha..
that's da reason why i like it.. But if it's 2 much.. we gonna have flood so it's not good.

p/s : I still prefer a sunny day.. makes me happy.. feel energetic!! hehe

3. BOOKS.. my first love!! haha

well, da books in my home it's not like a library 4 sure... but it's quite a lot.. i made a collection of books since i was in primary school..i sound like a nerd.. but i DONT CARE.. its my interests!! haha.. till now, i still buy story books.. it's something that i found doesnt bored me.. so, that's how ive end up with a pile of books like above.. (da above pics just as an illustration k!!) hehe..

4. MUSIC.. i'm lovin' it..

music.. helps me release tension!! i listen all sort of music.. UNIVERSAL.. but im not into classic music.. no offence..but that's 1 type of music i cant deal wif..hehe. I play musical instrument.. piano & guitar.. but im more expert in piano..haha.. Beethoven, Bach & Mozart.. wait!! that's a classical pieces..haha.. Current music >>> Secondhand Serenade baby!!!haha

5. TV & MOVIES..!!

above pic is my all time fav movie.. pretty romantic.. but i never bored watching it all over again..hihi

this one is my fav tv series.. watch it from 1st season till now.. interesting characters i guess..

6. BEACHES.. ;)

the scenery.. i love beaches>>> sunset 2 be exact.. lovely scenery!! hehe

p/s : the list is randomly arranged!!

k, till my next post.. daa~

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