Monday, December 15, 2008

little stories of mine..

currently >>> im updating my blog ( da lme gler x update kot)..
the real reason actually nk release tension.. after a few hours with no electricity..huh~

i guess no elctrcty about this 11 sumthing in the morning.. da la mse 2 my cover letter 4 interview x siap lg.. da 1 hal plak nk kne on9 kat cmpus.. da la pns.. with all those formal clothes.. yup.. wat 2 do.. tbe2 plak xde "api"..haha. Till i finished my class at 7.. i came back from cmpus still no sign of light.. but every1 else house got elctrcty.. OMG!! 1 of my housemates forgot to pay the bill ke???
i guess so la.. that's why umh i je yg x ok2 even da bp bls jm.. tension!! i've got load of works 2 do..but this happened :(
but at last.. we've got it back at 11 p.m kot.. fuh~ hehe..

1 more thing.. i've went thru da interview assgnmnt.. i've made up the resume.. knon2 i da grad la..haha.. & da job im applying 4 is finance manager.. what am i thinking?? da intrviewr ( my tutor actually) pon cm taw je i reka sndr point 2.. all bout the SAP software crap ive made up..haha.. AIS 2 pon x amek lg.. ( Accounting Info System)..haha.. But i hope ive got gud marks.. because the previous assgnmnet which is impromtu speech, i didnt do quite well.. the topic is Bill Gates.. if u really done some research bout him then it's ok i guess.. But ive got the topic on the spot.. so, i give a speech.. again.. from the points i'm sure every1 knows..

k, ill update more.. later guys.. daa~


platipus said...

sian betul la put ni
ade je masalah dok kat umah sewe hehehe
ape laa yang die merapu pasal bill gates eh wahahahah
eh put
put ni kan
acc info sys tu
cam ala2 course kite lak
ade pasal info2 sys ni hahaha

nadyra aiza said...

haha.. xpe2..
sume mslh goin 2 b solve..
kte nk pndh diz jan..hahaha
pape sje yg terlints kat otak ms 2..
yela.. cm bdk FTMSK..
yeke cm2 short frm die..hahaha
mmg ade pon amal..
kne blja smp advance info sys..

sabrina halim said...

sshnya put. hope u do well k! i'll always pray 4 u.

nadyra aiza said...

thnx sab darl~

izzahismail said...

bill gates?
haha.giler ah.
i'll be speechless.
oh.wait.maybe i'm going to say about he's being one of the richest man existed.haha ;)

nadyra aiza said...

haha.. taw xpe..
da la on the spot dpt dat kinda
topic..haih!! hehe
well, dat's 1 of my points izzah..haha ;D