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December 15, 2008

currently >>> im updating my blog ( da lme gler x update kot)..
the real reason actually nk release tension.. after a few hours with no electricity..huh~

i guess no elctrcty about this 11 sumthing in the morning.. da la mse 2 my cover letter 4 interview x siap lg.. da 1 hal plak nk kne on9 kat cmpus.. da la pns.. with all those formal clothes.. yup.. wat 2 do.. tbe2 plak xde "api"..haha. Till i finished my class at 7.. i came back from cmpus still no sign of light.. but every1 else house got elctrcty.. OMG!! 1 of my housemates forgot to pay the bill ke???
i guess so la.. that's why umh i je yg x ok2 even da bp bls jm.. tension!! i've got load of works 2 do..but this happened :(
but at last.. we've got it back at 11 p.m kot.. fuh~ hehe..

1 more thing.. i've went thru da interview assgnmnt.. i've made up the resume.. knon2 i da grad la..haha.. & da job im applying 4 is finance manager.. what am i thinking?? da intrviewr ( my tutor actually) pon cm taw je i reka sndr point 2.. all bout the SAP software crap ive made up..haha.. AIS 2 pon x amek lg.. ( Accounting Info System)..haha.. But i hope ive got gud marks.. because the previous assgnmnet which is impromtu speech, i didnt do quite well.. the topic is Bill Gates.. if u really done some research bout him then it's ok i guess.. But ive got the topic on the spot.. so, i give a speech.. again.. from the points i'm sure every1 knows..

k, ill update more.. later guys.. daa~

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