the colours of 08

December 30, 2008

it's the end of 2008.. for me, this year had lot of things going on.
let's get started..

- wait for my MMU application.. yeah.. im da jan intake..
- then, go there for the change of course.. from engineering student 2 accounting.. totally diff but it's ok.. :)

- what happen eyh??? for evey1 else it's lovey-dovey month.. sorry!! im not celebrating valentine that's 4 sure.. haha
- ive got my 1st lil cute car.. thanx 2 my parents!!!

- it's his birthday
- getting used already with the new environment.. living outside campus.. it's never easy.
- Plus, my 'P' license is now officially converted to permanent one.. wakakaka..

- nothing much.. just a lil preparation of my final sem1
- i dont need ta walk to campus anymore.. hehe

- me + him = a year!! :)
- what else??? my sis got back from national service.. she's gone to sarawak 4 that.. i should've snap her pic right then.. sorry sis!! no offence..hehe
- my final sem1 exam..
- sem break.. gemokkan bdn je kat umh.. mkn+sleep+TV+.. u got the pic..
- Started blogging.. my 2nd blog actually..hehe

- got my result.. yeay!! haha
- goin' 4 my sem2..
- i had the rebellious feeling.. it's not fair my other frens from the public U got long hols.. well the most ive got is 3 weeks.. hihi..
- my dad is 45.. die sll prasan mude.. hehe..
- my BFF's brthay is also on the same date as my dad's..hehe.. i x kan lupe ur brthday sab!! haha

- nothing much.. doin all other student did>>> study.. but alwiz last minute.. hehe
- my sis brthdy.. officially 18.. but not even look like 1..haha

- mid sem break.. haih!! cuti yg sgt sekejap.. tp ok la..
- my other sis brthdy.. she's 10.. ill post about my siblings in the next post.. if ive got time.. haha

- fasting month.. i recall that im not satying in cyber 4 a single weekend during this time.. it's not fun there..haha.. not really in the mood nk g kls.. especially during the hot weather..haha..
- counting the days for my final xm sem2..
- apart from that, nothing is out of ordinary..

- me turning 20.. mama turning 46..
- raye mood.. i'm not overdosed celebrating it.. the thought of xm gave pressurre on me.. haih!!
- for the 1st time after end of matrix..a year & half.. there is sum1 who understand this.. haha

- result 4 sem 2 is out.. it dropped.. but still above my target.. i'll improve it..
- sem3 started.. it's short sem.. a lil bz.. hmm..
- try to find a new room.. want 2 move out from my current apartment..
- make some sort of deal with my dad.. bout the hp i want..haha

- found the room im looking 4..
- my lil bro's brthday.. finally he's 16.. well.. he's waiting 4 that.. now i know why..he's got his bike's license..
- prepare for my final.. it's next week!! "u shud be stdying.. instead what did u do.. updating ur blog.. haih!! >>> it's 715 pm.. ill study this nite..SERIOUSLY!! hehe
- rite now, i need 2 stop myself from talking any craps..

well, that's how my days went thru this year.. a little boring maybe.. but i feel grateful ive made thru it.. ive known myself better & improved a lot.. no details bout it here.. only my parents noticed it.. thnx 2 both of u!!

gotta go guys, till then daa~

p/s: that's all the events i remembered briefly :)

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