top 3 in my list..

November 26, 2008

hola.. cm da lme je x update..hihi ( since last week kot.. eventhough it's only a week ago)..
actually, it's now past 12 & i cant sleep & yet i've got mornin' class 2mrow..haih!! so.. i guess i want 2 update my blog..hehe..

here's the thing.. ive just accidently browsing in the SE's (sony ericsson) sites the other day.. so ive found these 3 gorgeous hp..haha ;D

here goes the 1st pic.. the top in my list.. wahaaahaa..

next, here comes the 2nd in my list..

at last but not least.. hehehe..i just post this entry 4 fun.. actually i dun have any budget 4 a new hp..but any1 want to give 1 of the above for free.. then i accept it happily..hahaaha..

p/s : i've got some agreement with my dad.. hehe.. so, ayah.. wait 4 my result this sem.. get ready 2 spend for my new hp.. 4.00 ok ayah.. n i will!! hehe ;)

k.. time 4 me 2 sleep.. da ngtok da ni..Zzzzzz ~

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