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November 09, 2008

A day b4 my new sem start..

at my home..
~ pack my things.. actually when i went back 4 my hols i just brought my clothes & laptop..
but during the process of packing things.. byk plak brg2.. xtaw dtg dr mne tah..hehe.. ( i went
shopping wif my sis b4 she went back 2 her matrix..hehe)
~ have 2 washed my car.. asked my bro 2 do it.. well.. he wont la.. dat's 4 sure.. ;)
~ have 2 clean up all da mess in my room.. some of the "talking" done by mama..

she : kms la blik 2.. cm pe je..
me: cm pe??? ok je.. kms la 2 kn..
she : kms pe cm2.. kms cpt!!

as i really not in da mood 2 argue wif her.. i just do it.. actually i dunno wat to be tidy up..
ade mama ckp blk 2 cm sarang tks.. as 4 ur info.. all da mess in MY ROOM were made by da lil rascals in my home..which are my bro & my lil sis.. (korg mmg la taw.. huh) haha..

rite now..
~ im blogging coz i dun have anything fun 2 do.. 2 heal my boringness..hehe
~ i'm stuck in da hall of my apartment.. coz i dun have my room's key..huh!!

p/s : 2 cik sya a.k.a my roomate.. sile blk dgn segera ye.. sy nk msk blk ni..hahaha.. ( cpt r blk.. ak da pns da dok kat lua ni..hihi)..

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